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    So I’ve been trying to learn how everything works on wordpress but I cant find any info on this one thing im looking to do. I’ve noticed that many wordpress sites have a short summary of there post and then followed by, “click here for more” to find the rest of the article. So as not to crowd the main page up to much. My problem is I cant find out how I can do that for my site.
    Any help on this would be great.

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    Is there any way to have my initial post, that kind of explains what my blog is, say on the front page in #1 position? I already have it “sticky” but also have a video “sticky” and would like that to stay in #2 position. The video way posted just after the initial post so it pops up in #1 position and I guess I could change the post dates but not sure if that’s what I want to do. Also, I am doing a “10 reasons….” series and I would like them to stay in order ie. #1 on top followed by #2, followed by #3, etc instead of the new post taking over top position (#4,#3,#2 and then #1)

    pikespeak – please consider starting another topic for your question.

    how do I do that?

    Visit and scroll to the bottom, you will see the fields to start entering a new topic.

    Of course, another worthless forum post.

    It seems no one knows how to do anything.


    Go to Settings > Reading > then For each article in a feed, show one option shows Full Text and the other option is Summary. I believe you want to use the Summary Option.


    Go to Settings > Reading > then go to option > For each article in a feed then follow the rest of my original statement.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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