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  • Hello. I wish to write an article about the Top WordPress plugins/hacks. Can you nominate 1 to 3 of your favourites? And, maybe, add 1 or 2 lines why you like these plugins/hacks. Once the nominations are in, I’m going to create a poll for people to vote in. Thanks!
    I hope this is all right to post here. If not, my apologies.

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  • I like my plguins alot…..but they are under development since 1.2 just came out….do they count?

    unteins: that should be fine, as long as you mention which WP versions they run in and they’re still under development.

    ihad: Thanks. That’s fine. Yes, I know about the WP Wiki on plugins. I could pick and choose from there. However, I was hoping I can get the input of other WP users as I can’t possibly test all the plugins. But then, I suppose I can just choose the ones I like best out of the ones I’ve tried. The only limitation there, of course, is that not all developers will get enough of a chance to get exposure. Ah, well…

    I love the comment subscription hack!

    I just released my LJ Plugin Pack, you can read about the plugins on the Wiki 🙂

    i love the image browser plugin, as it does just exactly what i’d wanted wordpress to do on it’s own, i.e. give me a thumbnail linked to picture code, and has the added benefit of easily letting you reuse pix you’ve already uploaded.
    i love the smilies plugin because i can never remember all those codes.
    and i love the style-switcher, becuase it makes it easy for me to change the look of the site as my mood fits and my readers can set it to what they like, and there are some beautiful styles!

    I like my CG-Amazon hack (Amazon feeds with caching, internal ‘catalog’, lots of advanced features) and CG-Feedread hack (extremely fast and lightweight RSS aggregator). But I’m biased! 😉

    I love psngallery (needs coppermine gallery) and I also like the image browser plug in.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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