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  • Hi Jacob

    Please can you advise what time period the Top Ten is taken over? Is it possible to set this time period – Top Ten in the last month, Top Ten in the last week?

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  • Plugin Author Jacob N. Breetvelt


    Sorry for the late reply. Busy… busy…
    And thank you for the $$

    At the moment you can only select an album (optionally including subalbums) to calculate the top-ten photos. There is no time related setting.

    Pls tell me what you exactly want to do, and i will see if it can be implemented.

    Note that the date/times of the views are not registered. Only the ratings are registered with timestamp.

    Hi Jacob

    Not to worry, we all get busy.

    It is a pleasure, I feel it is only fair to donate to you what I would be paying for my previous (highly inferior) gallery plugin.

    Are the times of the upload (creation) of the photos recorded? Would it then be possible show the top ten photos that were uploaded in the past x days?

    This would make the top ten more dynamic, as the top ten would not include photos older then the x number of days.

    Please let me know if I am making sense, if not I will try clarify further.

    Again, Many Many Thanks

    Plugin Author Jacob N. Breetvelt


    Are the times of the upload (creation) of the photos recorded?


    If you want the top ratings of photos that are uploaded since x days, i can quite simply add an option to do so automatically for the topten widget and the topten shortcode [wppa type=”..” album=”#topten”]

    The votes also have a timestamp. So it could be possible to look only at ratings given since x days, but that is more complex because the average ratings are being calculated after a vote, and stored in the photo meta data. In this case they must be recalculated on a regular basis. This could be done by a background process, say hourly, but will not be as flexible as the selection of photos uploaded after a certain timestamp.

    So, if you want something like a ‘look on every pagload regarding topten photos only for those uploaded since x time ago’ feature – and this suggested enhancement would cover your needs – pls tell me and i will implement it in the next version as a setting in Table IV-E

    Hi Jacob

    I am looking at using the top ten by number of views of the photos.

    If it could show the photos with the most views in the past x days in albums (or subalbums/grandchildren etc) it would be great.

    Many Thanks


    I forgot to mention, it would be great if you could set the number of days in the widget / shortcode thus allowing implementations of different time periods – in the last week as well as in the last month…

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