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  • I’d like to mark certain posts as “top story” for that day. That way if I post 5 stories and one is listed as a “top story” it appears first. The next day when I post 5 more stories, the new “top story” appears first and yesterday’s top story is no longer considered a “top story” and appears just like the rest of yesterday’s stories.

    Any tips?


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  • Maybe you could add a special category called “First Post” and then use multiple loops to display the most recent post from the ‘First Post’ category. Alternatively, you could simply post it last, so that it shows up on the top, and use the famed multiple loops technique to style it differently.

    That’s over-complicated. What about using a plugin? Just look for “adhesive, sticky” and similar keywords 🙂

    Adhesive works great for me. You’d just have to designate each day’s top post as sticky and remove that designation from the previous day’s top post. You can even CSS to make the top post look different if you want.

    Well yeah, but then you’d have to mark it ‘sticky’ every time you posted, which is a pain.

    i want to show only title of 5 top (or hot) post of the day in the side bar , do it possible

    xinfo, that’s just not related at all to this thread. Consider starting a new one and elaborating a bit more on what you’re after. (I’ll offer a hint though: search for a plugin)

    xinfo, this might help ya a little bit:

    Then, as moshu says in the last reply there, you can change the number value of 10, to whatever you want. I hope this helps ya maybe.. =)


    I do have to agree with Handy though, you should have started your own thread though.. 😉 What’s done is done now, all good, just remember for the future k. =)

    I’ve installed the Adhesive plugin and immediately encountered a weird header (“Important Message”) that been inserted in place of the posting date of the message made sticky. (

    An older Adhesive support thread says a previous questioner had this problem because there his page contained hotlinked images, but that certainly isn’t my situation because at this moment, my entire site contains only two images, each invoked from my /images/ folder. I’m waiting for a response from that site’s support but it’s pretty weird.

    Also, I’m wondering if there is anyway to keep the postings in chronological order. My site is a travelogue. It’s about the journey, not the destination. Therefore, aside from the sticky intro message, the posting are intended to be read in chronological order.

    Also, I want the categories to be in chrono order.

    For example, I want catgeories to be displayed in the order in which they are created, the same order in which I will be traveling:

    and then sub-categories within India such as
    Home again

    I’ve installed the Adhesive plugin and immediately encountered a weird header (“Important Message”) that been inserted in place of the posting date of the message made sticky. (

    According to the plugin instructions, if you go to: Admin >> Plugins >> Adhesive >> Action column >> you see: Activate/Deactive & Configure.

    Click Configure. There is your mysterious header. Further reading stipulates that if you choose NOT to show the date, then the header will be inserted.

    For the sticky thing – if I remember well, you have to edit the plugin file for settings, including show/hide that “Important…” msg. (It was a long time ago that I installed it for a client.)

    For categories, see the parameters of the template tag that displays the cats. Usually, there is a sort_order param.

    Not sure I understand the question about the posts in “chronological” order. They are in chronological order – newest always on top.
    Did you mean reverse order? Search for it, there are a lot of topics about it.

    Hi Moshu, I respect and admire your expertise and your generosity in sharing it – and I hope you have a sense of humor in the same measure. I think Einstein and a few other philosophers would be seriously interested in how time (Chronos in Greek) flows backwards from now to the past. Except in memory, I’m not aware it’s all that common.

    The continuum I live in has time ordered from the present forward. Thus, an event that happens today would be followed by the next event in the sequence in which it happened (in shorthand it’s called “chronological order”). Substitute “posting” for “event” and you’ll see what I’m driving at.

    That’s the sequence in which a travelogue, (a log of travel) such as the one I’m starting, is written and how it is intended to be read. It’s about the journey, not the destination. In that sense, these forums are a travelogue and that’s why they too are in chronological order.

    Please do not be offended at the tone of my message. I am not making fun of you. I know and respect that you are as sincere in your perception as I am in mine. I am amused that the world of the blog has created a different “reality” from the one we live in. That perception is so powerful that it has taken the place of how we actually experience time.

    Regardless of that, your response and that of KatGirl appear to be exactly what I need. I sincerely appreciate the help.

    Regards, joe

    Actually, our perception of χρονος – is an inheritance of the Greco-Roman culture: linearity going from somewhere (usually in our mind from left) to somewhere (toward the right side). As I said, it’s a characteristic of the Western culture, all related to the Greek way of thinking based on syllogism, the linearity of the time and, quite importantly, the phonetic alphabet with its own linearity… N.B. form left to right 🙂

    The way the blog displays posts doesn’t really have to do anything with our perception of the time – it’s more a practical one. If you have dispayed 24 posts on your main page and the oldest on the top (according to your “classical” chronological order) then for every new post I have to scroll down, or worst – in case of the 123th post – click next page and next page and next page… until I get to the newest post.
    I’d never read your blog if it requires this exercise to get the latest update. However, with the “blog-like” chronology, I always get your last post on the top, exactly what I need to keep up with your travel.

    Don’t think of a blog as a book (conf. linear, left-to-right time line!) – it’s a different media!

    (finally, don’t think I am a teenager blogger… on that time line I am much closer to you than you think 🙂

    p.s. Oh, and if something is not clear in the above text: I am not a native English speaker.

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