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  • When I check my WP stats I see that every day there are one or two posts that get LOTS of hits (10000+) while in the list of top referrers, there are never any posts getting that high numbers. This seems illogical to me. These ‘top posts’ also vastly outnumber posts #2 or 3 in the ranking, and change every day or every other day. They are recent posts, but not the most recent ones.

    I’m trying to work out where those high numbers are coming from. As I said they they are not in the list of top referrers. Moreover, if I check other data i.e. from my cpanel stats, there is no trace of these particular posts getting that many views. So can anyone explain this to me?

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  • Some additional information:

    – the items with very high figures are actually posts, all the others (low figures) are pages
    – when I hover over the link of the top page(s), it shows me an adress with an ‘ugly’ permalink structure (just the post number) while I actually use the ‘pretty’ wordpress permalinks, with the full name of the post. Makes me wonder if this is yet another permalink issue.
    – It may be a coincidence, but I noticed the latest ‘top posts’ referred to the last post on my main page (which contains 5 posts).

    Anyone any wiser?

    Shall I just continue talking to myself then? Well…

    It took some time for the penny to drop, but I just realised the high number of hits on the top post is (most likely) the number of hits I’m getting on my main page.

    So in stead of displaying ‘main page’ or ‘home’ or whatever, WP stats displays the title of the post at the bottom of the page.

    So allow me to rephrase my initial question: what’s up with that?

    Are you using a Latest Posts widget? I’ve heard of that causing similar problems.

    Hi Andy,

    no, I’m not.

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