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    I find the plugin to be very good, with a simple and well-thought-out interface. The support of this plugin is very friendly and responsive for the free version of the plugin; I can only imagine it being even better for the paid version.

    This leads me to the reason for deducting one star: the subscription fee is exceptionally high for those who just only want the checkbox functionality without a challenge (equivalent to Invisible reCaptcha v3). While I understand that every service deserves compensation and I assume that this subscription fee is justified, I find it a pity. Sooner or later, a more affordable alternative will inevitably take the lead and replace hCaptcha. It’s all the more regrettable since hCaptcha’s current reputation has already blossomed and is widely recognized as the go-to alternative to reCaptcha, especially due to its commitment to data privacy (in compliance with GDPR). However, with such an expensive paid version, many small freelancers will have to turn to another solution. If it’s not feasible to make the subscriptions more affordable in the future, why not at least offer a pay-per-request monthly fee?

    Despite this concern, I’m genuinely grateful to be able to use the free version of hCaptcha and its plugin. Many thanks and best wishes to the entire team! Your service is undeniably of high quality overall!

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    Dear @accentsduterroir,

    Thank you a lot for your thorough and positive report. We try to follow user expectations and improve our product continuously.

    However, let me attract your attention to the fact, that here we can discuss the WordPress plugin as a free software only. It implements hCaptcha in WordPress environment.

    The hCaptcha by itself is a separate business, providing a variety of services to millions of clients, from individuals to enterprises, using the full spectrum of web applications, not only WordPress.

    The hCaptcha now is the biggest competitor to Google reCaptcha with 15% of Internet captcha market. As you can see, our 40,000 active installs of WordPress plugin is a minor part of the overall hCaptcha presence.

    The free plugin has no relation to pricing plans provided by the hcaptcha.com and no impact on changing of these plans. We just provide an ability to use an hCaptcha account, whatever it is.

    Thank you again for your attention to our plugin and your valuable cooperation.

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    Thank you for your response. I hope I didn’t come across as discourteous; I wasn’t fully aware of the vast professional reputation you’ve built.

    It’s truly awesome to have the free version available for small independents like myself, particularly those who deeply care about privacy and GDPR compliance. And as you pointed out, even if the WordPress segment is a small fraction of your user base, the high-quality support you provide is commendable.

    However, numerous credible online articles have indicated that frictions and challenges imposed on everyday users can significantly deteriorate their site experience. This led me to believe that an invisible captcha (without a visual challenge) is essential. Therefore, I’m maybe considering this plugin: https://wordpress.org/support/plugin/friendly-captcha/

    For example, they offer a PRO subscription starting at €9/month (or €39, €200€ and more…), for a GDPR-compliant captcha with the invisible functionality (no visual challenge and up to 1000 requests per month). Interestingly, if the project is non-commercial like my current one (starting with max 25 requests/day), the same offer is available for free. While I’m unsure if this plugin is as secure as hCaptcha, it appears to be the only solution I found that’s both serious and accessible.

    The point I wanted to make in my initial message is this: I believe there’s a clear market opportunity in Europe. A quick perusal of forums and comments about solutions similar to hCaptcha reveals this. I find it a pity that hCaptcha seems to focus mainly on larger professional clients. I would have been willing to pay up to €10 per month, given the powerful algorithms I assume are behind your service. However, €90 per month is simply out of reach for me and many others with a profile similar to mine. This pricing strategy is something I find perplexing, as it seems counterproductive from my perspective.

    Regardless, your service is undeniably of superior quality. Thank you again for everything you offer! I wish you all the best moving forward!

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