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    I’m very new to WP but have used a number of other CMS’s. WP kills everything else for ease of use and documentation, by miles.

    However there is one thing that I cannot find in WP that I’ve always been able to do with a plugin in other systems. I have googled this site, the world and even the Universe but cannot find a plugin for a top navigation menu of external links that automatically expands when hovered over.

    I want something like:
    Home: goes to
    -> BBC: goes to http://
    -> NBC: goes to http://
    -> ABC: goes to http://
    -> CNN: goes to http://
    -> Satire (and ideally a sub-menu within Media)
    —-> The Onion: goes to http://
    —-> The Chaser: goes to http://
    -> Hotmail: goes to http://
    -> Yahoo Mail: goes to http://

    This site has what I want:

    I have found and tried a number of menu plugins but none do the auto drop down thing. In fact very few WP sites have top menus with external links and almost none auto drop down.

    Is there a plugin, or do I need to learn CSS, PHP, Ubuntu, Zulu & Esperanto so that I can program it myself?

    Thx in advance.

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  • Relax everyone because I’ve found an excellent plugin that does what I want: It’s called The Webdezine Pure CSS Horizontal Menu and I found it here:

    I’d seen it in an earlier search but it needed the Header.php file hacked and that was a little scary for a newbie. It turns out that the hack is tiny and very clearly explained.

    Once again I’m a very happy WP’er. Probably the best thing about WP is that things (almost) always work as claimed and as expected. I luv it.

    Thanks to all behind WP.

    PS Now to work out how to mark this thread “resolved” or better still, “self-resolved”.

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