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    After updating wordpress, then the preference lite theme my top menu went all wonky. I am using the child theme on my sites. I’m not sure what is going on and need a bit of help.

    I tried suggestions I saw in other posts (clearing caches etc) but to no avail. I primarily use chrome, but also check in Opera, Firefox, IE, Orca, Safari and Maxthon browsers. The menus are also a mess on mobile phones.

    I don’t want to update the theme in my client’s websites until I can figure out how to fix the issue.

    Here are my sites that I updated & have weird top menus:

    Not sure what I did, but any help would be appreciated.
    Thank you so much!

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    Hi Cat…I just went to your site but it looks like it’s working…in fact it looks great. On one part, you have three sub levels. When you say wonky, would you be able to take a screenshot?

    I checked with my ie, firefox, chrome, opera, safari (windows), and my iphone also, and the site menu looks fine.

    By the way, I love the site, I spent some time checking it out. Good job on it.


    Here’s the pupping cove: screen shot 1

    And excited brain: screen shot 2

    The pupping cove example shows the issue better. Strange dots & squares on the far left, then the menu links going down behind the showcase image. Can’t for the life of me figure it out.

    I even tried clearing my CloudFlare account cache and used “development mode” just to make sure it wasn’t showing the cached version of the sites.

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    Thanks for the screenshots…except they give an error about no hotlinking. Anyway, I’ve provided a screenshot of your site based on what I see in my browsers:


    That is so strange, it looks perfect in your screen shot. I don’t get it.

    I’m going to try putting the link in code so you can copy & paste it into a browser and see my screenshot. I’ll just put the one for the pupping cove as that one is easier to see what’s going on in my laptop’s view.

    This one really has me scratching my head. It shows up the same way on my cell phone as well, so I know it’s not just my laptop.

    I’ve got to figure it out because I absolutely love this template! 🙂

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    I see your screenshot… that is really strange it looks like that. I just had someone else go to your site and they see a normal menu functioning as I do, and I just went back to your site today and it’s still looking good.

    Would you mind allowing me to access your admin for this site so I can check this out and see if something was missed and it will also allow me to view the theme files with the editor. If so, please contact me from my site and provide the username, password, etc.

    Also, you could try the update of Preference Lite which is now 1.8.5 and see if that does anything. If you do this update, I recommend making a copy of your current version first and save it somewhere like your desktop.

    One other possible test….on your end, get someone you know to visit your site in question and see if the menu works for them.

    OK, sent you a message via your site. Thank you so much for all your help on this!! 😉 You can contact me via my email address as well.

    Weirder & weirder. My husband checked from his computer at work and sent me a screenshot, it looked perfectly fine. Started thinking it was just my laptop causing issues, but when I looked from my phone this is what is see:

    I’m officially baffled. My phone is a Samsung Galaxy S3

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    Hate to say this but I think I might have changed your menus…I went to your menu manager in the admin and noticed that you did not have the main menu set as Primary which is should, but noticed things changed. I’m not sure what or how you were setting up your menu or if you used a plugin, but check your site out right now and see if it shows properly now?

    ….although you might have to reposition your menu links to how you had it before.

    Nope, still the same for me, even with cleared cache in browsers. :/

    Don’t worry about the menu links/pages, the site isn’t technically live yet, still developing it so it’s not linked from the main site an no one sees it unless I give them the link. 😉

    Ahhh I see what you changed… you switched the activities menu to the main. Gotcha. 😉 Yes, I forgot about that, I am using a plugin (Page Menus Widget)that will allow a different menu for certain pages. Wonder if that’s what’s causing a conflict?

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    it could be the plugin… either way, I still can see the menu working normally from before and after I went in. But the fact that your husband sees it working too means there is something unique about the way you are viewing it. You mentioned you were viewing this on your laptop, so i decided to switch to my laptop screen but the menu still looks fine.

    Not sure what to suggest here, but it appears as I said there is something unique on your end that is causing the menu to do that for you but not others.

    It has to be something on my end, I agree. Oddly, I just went to the epilepsy blog (which was the other one that was appearing strange) and it now looks fine on both my laptop & phone, while the pupping cove is still all weird.

    I’m going to say just go ahead and mark this as resolved as I believe it’s something strange on my end.

    I truly appreciate all your help with this!
    I’ll let you know if I ever figure out why the menu appears odd on my end.

    Thank you!!!

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    No worries…I just wanted to make sure it was working for you. Hopefully it will be ok when it goes live, but try it with deactivating that menu plugin you are using and see if that is causing problems.

    AH-HA! I think I found it! It wasn’t the plugin, it was the CloudFlare. I went into CloudFlare & put my website into development mode THEN clicked their purge cache button. Refreshed the pupping cove and bingo the menu is perfect! For some reason for my laptop & phone it was getting the CloudFlare cached old version of the site.

    So in case anyone else with a CloudFlare account has this issue try logging into your CloudFlare then put your site in development mode & then purge the cache in CloudFlare. 😉

    Thank you so much for all your help on this.

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    That will do it… I used to use Cloudflare for my site but ran into issues with caching, so I removed it.

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