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  • Hello

    I am needing the top menu (Not A Widget on the sides) Dropdown feature.
    I am using Pages as my menu option (Not Menu from Appearance section) so really a dropdown menu option for pages being displayed in the top menu bar.
    Pages does have the option to select a parent but that doesn’t work as the page still shows up as a top level menu and not as a dropdown when the mouse goes over it.

    Is there a Plugin that does just that or can someone create on for me either as a plugin or for my site whichever works for the one doing this.

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  • Hello
    This is a better explination of what I am asking for.

    I am not sure if you can help me with this as I am also happy to pay for this request to be done for me as I am not to good with PHP.

    1. I want to be able to use the pages at the top menu bar as dropdown (which would eleminate the first problem) (this is my preffered option though). I am using STATES as my parent name and want to have dropdown for CITIES (categories)

    Basically I am wanting to create a dropdown that allows categories and/or other pages to be subs to pages in the top menu. (hope that makes sense)

    This way I could use dropdowns for Contacts/Help which could include other pages as dropdowns like FAQ, Forum, Contact us, etc as dropdowns. Then there is the states which would use the selected categories as dropdowns Like NSW as parent displaying all NSW cities as a dropdown list and same for all other states.

    please contact me if you can help with any of the above requests.


Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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