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  • I’m using the F2 theme, and it’s great. Something I’m experiencing lately, however, is causing me trouble.

    I have a menu, and that menu has 9 items. I’m using the two sidebar layout, and I select my menu for the top of the page. It used to work fine, but earlier today something changed.

    Now, instead of having my 9 items across the top of the page, and them wrapping to two lines, if I view my site on a mobile browser (Chrome on Android) the menu is gone, and there’s just a single item called “menu.” When I tap on “menu”, the whole thing expands and I can get to my items. It doesn’t happen with other themes. It also works OK if I rotate my tablet to landscape mode, in which case all items fit.

    Is anyone else experiencing this behavior? Is it theme-related? Is there a way to stop it?


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  • I later noticed that if you shrink a PC browser window down, the same thing happens, and therefore determined it must be an intentional way to handle the menus.

    I did some digging and found the behavior comes from small-menu.js. I went into functions.php and commented that reference out.

    I also saw that I could shut off the “responsiveness” setting, but I liked the rest of the features, just not the menu behavior.

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