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  • I am using the MyCuisine Theme and I am having a problem with the top navigation menu bar. It extends way too far off to the right of the page, extending the width of the page far beyond what it should be, and if you scroll right, you just get a black screen with the menu bar across the top. After wasting half a day combing through the .css trying to find where the code is that changes that, I decided to come here for help. Can anyone help me find the section of the code that you can adjust the width of the top navigation menu bar? Thank you in advance, I greatly appreciate it.

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  • Unless you post a link to your site, no one can really help you. But, in general, things like this are determined by the CSS code. Firebug is the best way to figure out which CSS code to change.

    Since MyCuisine is a paid theme you should look there for support — in general, paid themes are not supported on these forums.

    Me too have the same problem.
    Not only for me all the theme users.

    Please check the official demo site :

    The menu is too much wider.

    What is the problem guys, is this a free theme for this kind of major issues.

    For anybody still searching on this one.

    Create a child theme (as you already should’ve) edit the style.css file in the child theme folder and add:

    body { overflow-x: hidden; }

    to the bottom of the file, this fixes it correctly

    Just to add, this addition body tag only makes the scroll bars not appear. In FF I can still scroll to the right using the keyboard. To fix I had to reduce the side bar width to fix by adding this to the style.css
    #menu-right { width:10px; position: absolute; left: 960px; top: 27px; height: 70px; background: url(images/menu-bg.png) repeat-x; }

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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