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    Asnwer might be somewhere on here already but very time consuming to search 112 pages.

    I originally created a menu with three links.

    then I decided to add anchors in the page and then add custom links to point to them and now there is a drop down list for the top level menu item.

    problem, the top level menu item now does not go to the page it went to before adding the child links to it.

    Example: Our Wines was the top level menu item and when clicked would go to our wines page.

    adding anchors and custom menu links under Our Wines works when you select our wines the drop down shows and you select one of the wines and it goes there.

    but the Our Wines top level menu item does not link to anything now. I want it to still link if they select it.

    I think I know what I need to do, i need the drop down list to open up on hover, not on click, then the top menu item would work?

    WP is new to me, used to doing it by hand.

    any assistance would be appreciated, but will try to work it out myself, i know what needs to be done, but how to do it in WP?

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  • ariapictures


    okay, i got it to hover by following a few things i found. but now instead of the link being ‘#’, as it was before, it shows the correct link, but does not go there.




    can anyone tell my why this is not easier and as a default choice.

    who the heck has a drop down menu, but not have the top level clickable. i hate sites that have that.

    now i know why i code by hand and not use wordpress. I’d been done with it three days ago. but the client wants a wp site. make them do it themselves then they’ll see what i mean.



    thanks all.



    Could you share a link to your page so we can take a look at it? Also, please describe what you did to make the hover work, as that might give us clues (but it also might help the next person who is searching for the solution to the same problem.)

    Are you using a plugin to make the dropdown menu, or is it a feature of a theme you are using?

    And lastly, I understand your frustration, but please don’t take it out with a dig against WordPress itself. Lots of us put sites together with WordPress and never have this trouble with the drop down menus, so it’s not necessarily a built-in WordPress error. If this is your first WordPress site (or the second or even the third) there is a learning curve, but if you stick with it, you will find that it has many advantages over hard-coding. I am saying this as someone who is guilty of cursing WP myself, back when I had very limited experience with it, and I am glad that I continued learning it.



    apologies to wp et all… just the frustration with not having total control like i am used too.

    the site is a working site before i put it on its home, yes, i am taking notes and saving files so i can move it.

    I worked it out by taking bits and pieces from several posts and combined them, most were for customizr theme, but seemed to work.

    in style.css

    /*make the menu sub-menu items drop down on mouse hover */
    ul.nav li.dropdown:hover > ul.dropdown-menu{
    display: block;
    margin: 0;

    the last bit came to me when i replaced the nav area in the navwalker.php with my own copied nave from the generated html code and took out the data-toggle=’dropdown’ and class=’dropdown-toggle’ code in the tag.

    the top level menu item worked.

    then i said where is that being entered, i know. inside the navwalker, no i commented them out like so…

    // If item has_children add atts to a.
    if ( $args->has_children && $depth === 0 ) {
    $atts[‘href’] = ! empty( $item->url ) ? $item->url : ”;
    // $atts[‘data-toggle’] = ‘dropdown’;
    // $atts[‘class’] = ‘dropdown-toggle’;

    and it worked.

    but now to get that navwalker.php onto my child class so it is not changed, but not sure where to put it. does it stay in the main child class theme directory? no, cause it is no working.

    do i create an ‘inc’ directory as it was in the main theme’s directory that way? No, not working that way either.


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