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  • I have recently deactivated Polylang, as it has been causing some confusion with content on my WordPress site. My top level pages have all “disappeared” from view (They are replaced with the home page, regardless of what page I view). Any second level content will appear normally, but only my top level content will not display. Regardless of the settings I have used in Polylang, this has been my issue. Now that I have deactivated the plugin, the issue remains. Can anyone offer a solution?

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  • Plugin Author Chouby


    A deactivated plugin (Polylang or any other) does nothing. If your problem persists with Poylang deactivated, it most probably means that your problem is comeing from elsewhere.

    I’m having the same problem.

    After intallation of Polylang all seems to work fine except for top level pages.
    All content of top level pages is ok and in database but when trying to acces it redirects to default posts-page.

    Before installation all pages work fine without any problem.

    Trying different combinations of polylang parameters seems not to work for now.

    Thecnical details:

    Settigns for Permalinks:
    Static inital page instead of posts page

    Settigns for Polylang
    Actually only 2 languages
    Detect browser language: on
    Use language code as suggested with wordpress seo
    remove language in permalinks
    Hide url for default language
    media translation: on
    Sync: all on

    it’s a working site adn just now added polylang

    In some top level pages links doesn’t work as expected and always redirect to posts pagenor the correct static page.

    You can see in all top level pages redirected to same posts page

    These 3 pages should show diferent information but all of them redirects to
    (url to publish posts)

    Plugin Author Chouby


    @tierra Quebrada: It seems that Polylang is not active on your website

    I got this problem also on my local/test server, all top level pages are 404, I tried to disabled all plugins and polylang is the only plugin activated.

    when I disabled polylang it works fine.

    I found the issue on polylang.php

    // optionaly removes 'language' in permalinks so that we get http://www.myblog/en/ instead of http://www.myblog/language/en/
    		// language information always in front of the uri ('with_front' => false)
    		// the 3rd parameter structure has been modified in WP 3.4
    		add_permastruct('language', $this->options['rewrite'] ? '%language%' : 'language/%language%',
    			version_compare($GLOBALS['wp_version'], '3.4' , '<') ? false : array('with_front' => false));

    I remove this code temporarily, it seems the code is forcing to add “language” on permalinks which causing the root/parent pages to go 404 error.

    but the issue now if I remove this, it add “language” on the root/home page.

    Can you try check the correct solution on this error, I’ve tried this using old and new setup wordpress and it showing this error.

    Plugin Author Chouby


    @zearth: if you remove this line, you are likely to break all the links in which the language code is needed.

    The presence of /language/ in the permalink is controlled by an option in polylang settings. I don’t know why but on some installations, it is needed to make permalinks work correctly. That’s the reason of the option.

    Until now I did not reproduce any issue with top level pages.

    ok but I’m not sure why the top level and parent page directing to 404, even I used only this plugin in a new installation.

    can I know the functions that handle the page URL so I can check why it goes 404 on the parent/top pages?


    Plugin Author Chouby


    Did you use a default theme (twenty twelve) for your test?

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