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  • I have a 1000 X 184px top banner that i would like to have as a photo. Ive tried to use Gimp but its impossible to scale the image to the right size and even if i could it would stretch the photo. Is there anyone that could help me with this? I would really appreciate that.

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  • Email me the photo at educhalk [at] gmail [dot] com and tell what you want. If you have an existing site where the photo is going, send me the link.

    Thanks. Does the photo have to be a specific size? I dont know how you do it so ill just send you a photo. If at all possible then tell me how to do it. Otherwise its ok, ill send you the photo now with my blog link.

    Try the one I sent you. Be sure to make the css change I mentioned in the email…you may also want to change the color of your blog title and tagline…maybe to Black or a dark gray.

    I put the url of the image in the style.css yet nothing happens?

    I guess i dont have the right url? When i download the photo you sent me there is no url. The only url i find is when i view the iamge.

    I sent you the image as an attachment to the email. You need to download it from your email and upload it to your theme…replacing the header image that is there.

    Yes thats what i did but i dont know how to ‘upload’ it to my theme. I dont see where the current header image is. It just says ‘image’ far as i know. There is no url or anything after i downloaded the attachment. Sorry but this is confusing to me.

    You need to ftp to your site. Look in the following directory (folder): wp-content/themes/twilight.1.0/cognoblue/image

    There should be an image there called header-bg.gif

    Delete the one that is there and upload the image I sent you called header-bg.gif to replace it.

    Looking at your site, it looks like you may have already deleted the default image, so just upload the one I sent you into the image folder.

    Mmm i dont see anything deleted on my site. I went into the style.css and there was a header-bg.gif which i deleted, but i dont see any change on my site. I am now in ftp and i dont know where to drag the image that you sent me from. I cant drag it.

    I must be missing something here. If the name is still header-bg.gif then how to i change it? I dont know how to upload it, or what to upload. I cant even explain lol.

    Ok now i deleted the existing on yet nothing has changed on my site again. Which im glad about btw cos i dont know how to replace it.

    Ok now i actually found a way to do what you said yet still nothing has changed on my site.

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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