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  • Hey guys, first of all, your plugin is one of the best available.
    The one thing making it difficult for me to switch is the fact that all 3 tooltip styles are very big: big rectangle, big font. You need to make it more compact in order to fit more content in it, there’s no need for taking up so much space, and not getting enough information, all you get is less than a short sentence. Also, can you make the tooltips responsive? E.g. if the word is on the edge of the page, or on the top, the tooltip may be shown outside the viewing area.
    Lastly, can you put the settings page inside the settings section, not separately? No need for that.
    I hope you don’t take my critisim badly, it is just my opinion on how to make it perfect )))

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  • Plugin Author Eugenio Petulla’


    Dear someonehere15 we appreciated every kind of feedback if it’s a good starting point for a productive discussion, so don’t apologize to us 🙂

    We are working for a new major realease, starting from other users’ feedbacks. I want to ask something to you because I’m thinking about it since a lot of feature request started to arrive from github and this support forum.

    I want to give a small customizer to user in order to personalize every aspect of tooltips but it will became a nightmare for us to give support to it for free (I’m thinking about every theme is out there, also outdated and not responsive at all. T.T ). If we built a paid addon (something like 9 USD/Year) for direct support (also for feature request) plus a complete customizer, are you willing to pay the “pro” version?

    However, we are working on the issue you reported and we will introduce them in the next major release (1.1.0), so keep tracking our plugin. 😉

    To be honest, yes I may consider it, but I would have to see it first. But you should still keep a free one without a lot of limitations either way,e.g. not limit the customizer only to the paid version.

    I was also thinking some other stuff since we’re here: can you add an option to disable creating archive pages? I actually love the fact that it does, no other plugin does it, but I also use a custom page for the glossary list which is styled Same as some other indexes I have, and I can add the author list to /author/ matching the author profiles link, or /tag/, but cannot add a page to /glossary/ to serve as the main entry to it. I hope I’m clear enough. Ideally I would like to disable the archive page for /glossary/ in order to put my page, but keep the other archive pages for the glossary sub categories. Not a big problem, but just asking.

    Furthermore, also an option to change the glossary permalinks Base would be nice, e.g. if I want to change from /glossary/ to /keywords/ or something.

    Thanks again for replying.

    The 1.1.0 will have the options to disable the archive page and to change the glossary slugs.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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