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    The events’ tooltip stopped working on WP 5.5.

    WP 5.5, Theme 2020, Plugins: EM, and WPFC 1.2 installed only.
    Inspector error: Undefined is not an object on line 5465 wp-fullcalendar main.js

    The tooltips work fine on WP 5.4.2 with no js error.


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  • Hi,
    Go to plugin settings page and enable tooltip – it seems that update has reset this option.

    Hope this helps

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    Hi there,

    Thanks for your recommendation, but unfortunately the tooltip was enabled already. I did disabled and re-enabled it as well as tested all tooltip styles etc… but no luck. I’m testing this on a fresh install and only the two WP events plugin enabled. If I restore the WP 5.4.2 then it works. I’m also having this issue on 5 other live websites – different domains and servers. That’s actually why I have deployed a fresh WordPress install so I could pinpoint the issue.


    Same bug for me : there is an error in DebugConsol on main.js – line 5465
    Thank you for yours plugins

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    Same problem here.

    Same problem at my wordpress 5.5 site.

    Same issue here 🙁

    This is due to an issue with jQuery Migrate in WordPress 5.5:

    The fix is to install Enable jQuery Migrate Helper.

    It should work now 🙂

    Dear @jshare

    Thanks a lot, I installed jQuery Migrate. But now the tooltip only works when you keep the mouse exactly over the text:

    If the user moves the mouse a few pixels it seems like it’s flickering.

    Kind regards and have a great day

    @tostinos in my case, the tooltips are working now just like before. I don’t have flickering, and the mouse can be over any part of the calendar item.


    As a workaround I changed the “Tooltip pointer position” and “Tooltip bubble position” to top right and bottom right and it works fine now (because the mouse pointer isn’t over the tooltip).

    L’chaim :))

    @tostinos L’chaim 🍷

    Thanks for confirming the fix works

    I can also confirm that the fix works :).

    What am I doing wrong?

    • I’m running the JQuery Migrate Helper plugin.
    • I have changed the pointer and bubble positions to top right and bottom right.
    • Tool tips is enabled.
    • I have removed the theme.

    Still, I have no tool tips.

    @scottott since this is related to javascript, which is often cached, I would test this with any caching plugins disabled (such as W3TC) or even better, use to create a copy of your site to debug this with. Then, disable all your plugins except for Events Calendar, FullCalendar and JQuery Migrate Helper and hopefully you’ll have tool tips then, at which point you can start reenabling your other plugins one by one to see if any of them are conflicting here.

    I have a slightly different issue.
    I installed the Enable jQuery Migrate Helper to correct the problem in WP Fullcalendar tooltip feature not showing after WordPress upgrade to version 5.5. Before the upgrade the tooltip displayed both the event notes and the event attributes with #_ATT spaceholder in Events Manager.

    With Enable jQuery Migrate Helper installed, the event notes are now showing. But event attributes are not. Help is appreciated. Thanks.

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