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  • Hi. My name is Carl, this is my first post here. I’m in need of some advice. My wife died suddenly in the beginning of this year and left myself, her family and friends with a lot of unanswered questions.

    As I was going through my wifes writings (poems, diaries, letters) I got the idea to place it all chronologically and copy, to give as a memory to those who miss her. I soon realised that the material was to large to include more than a fraction, especially if I wanted to include my wife┬┤s drawings and photos of her. Which I would like to.

    The obvious solution would be to make a webpage with all material. But I need advice on the exact type of webpage, the best tools to use; while I know my way around a computer web applications and databases is something I haven’t really touched. So, I figured I’d ask for help. This is what I’d like to be able to do:

    A webpage with a timeline. I was thinking of there being different symbols denoting a diary, a letter, a poem, a picture, a drawing etc.
    Possibility to leave comments for the different items.
    It would almost be necessary for visitor to be able to see which items had received new comments since the last visit, or indeed new items. There will be a lot and I imagine I would prefer to go online with the page before everything is done, adding new content over time.
    Possibility to insert new items (or at least a function for suggesting new items) so that friends and relatives can add their own recollections.

    Bonus: a thumbnail of the content showing up when the pointer is over a symbol.
    Big bonus: the ability to have some content invisible unless you are logged on. (Some things may obviously be too personal to post were anyone can see them).

    I found an application, usable in WordPress, that when it comes to the front-end goes a long way towards my goal:

    However, as far as I can see there is no function to show when new comments have been added.

    Any suggestions? Would it be possible to customize a WordPress blog for the functions I’m looking for, or would I need to look at other blog sites or even set up my own website?


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  • Sorry about your loss –

    Many ways to do things and I am sure others will join in –

    You won’t get the”Time line” thing – but you might consider WordPress.COM as a place for your memorial, it uses the WordPress software which is great for telling a story – is free so you don’t need to keep paying a host and they do all the work of running the site so you don’t need to become a webmaster just concentrate on the content.

    You could do a “fake time line” by having a Page called “Time / History / Through the Ages / Her Life and Times” – and have the page work like a table of contents with links to individual Post’s or articles, Password protection can be done on individual items if you want. If you click on my name and look at the “Post Index” on my site you can see how I handled a “I don’t want people wandering all around looking for what they want” problem. My site is for Boating Safety and I needed visitors to be able to find the information easily.

    Sorry so short – need to run and teach a class this morning.

    Good Luck – there are many tools out there – my advice is to try and keep them simple so you can concentrate on sharing what your wife has done with your friends.



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    I’d endorse Saildude’s recommendation to use initially. If you want to move to a self-hosted site using a paid host and a registered domain name, you will be able to transfer to the content from your site to your new self-hosted site. So you won’t lose any of your work.

    If you do move to a self-hosted site as a later date, there are some plugins that were initially intended for book authors that you might find useful as they will allow you to sort pages into chapters or series groups that might fit well with your timeline concept.

    Whilst your site is hosted with, you will have access to an active support forum at where you will be able to get help and answers. If you opt for a self-hosted site, this forum is always here to answer any queries or assist where possible.

    Thank you both for your replies. They clarified some things for me. The suggestion of having a page that works like a table of contents with links to individual Post’s or articles seems the most viable to me if I can’t find a way to make a “proper” timeline as I envisioned it. However, I feel that the temporal aspect isn’t nearly as obvious if I go that route, and that is of rather high importance. Also, I’m afraid it might become frighteningly long with a couple of thousands of entries… Ah well, we’ll have to see what route I end up taking. This is something that is likely to take years to complete so there is no rush. But I obviously hope for even more input and ideas!




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    By default, WordPress applies today’s date to a new post – but that date is editable. There would be nothing stopping you simply editing each posts’s date – as you published it – to achieve a timeline/diary effect.

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