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  • Hey everyone,

    Everything with my site was going great for around 3 years now, and just the other day I updated wordpress varnish, and during the installation, there was an issue. It got resolved, and my site was running, but all of a sudden the toolbar on my front end was missing.

    I have searched the forums multiple times, tried pretty much everything at this point, and nothing is resolving the issue.

    The odd thing, is that it almost acts as if I am not logged in, when I switch from the admin to the front end. The other reason I think this is because I run NextGen Gallery, and when I go to select a gallery, it says I don’t have permissions.

    I should also note that if I am making a post, and click preview post, the toolbar appears. Any ideas on what this could be?

    Thank you!

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  • Deactivate all plugins, revert to Twenty Twelve theme and see if you still have the problem.

    I had done that. I also reset the plugins using FTP as well.

    I am fairly certain I have tried everything so far in these forums. As I was looking into it more last night, I think its a cookie issue possibly. When I view my front end, I am viewing it as a viewer, rather then the logged in admin… Not really sure how that happened, or how to even resolve it.

    This may sound simplistic, but did you double check that the toolbar is not turned off under your profile?

    Yup. I actually turned it off, and back on as well, just seeing. I am fairly certain it’s because for some reason, when I view my front end, it has me not logged in still. If I preview a post, the toolbar is there.

    I have no idea though, why it won’t keep me logged in as admin on the front end…

    You said that during upgrade there was an issue….
    I would re-install WordPress, manually if you can.
    FTP WordPress to your install location.
    Leave the wp-content and wp-config.php as they are (do not overwrite), everything else can be overwritten.
    Oh, and make sure to backup the entire site first (incl. database).

    I’ve done the auto reinstall feature a bunch of times, but I imagine you mean the full fresh install?

    I have some custom code in the headers, and footers, etc… Would all that be removed?

    I should also note, none of these issues were from the custom code, as it’s very minimal…

    As far as your custom code, no it will not be removed.
    That is the reason I said to KEEP the wp-content folder and the wp-config.php and replace everything else.
    wp-content contains your theme and plugins so leave that as-is.


    Sorry for the delay, I was called away unexpectedly.

    One last question, might be stupid. If I upload everything other then the Content, and Config as you mention, will that cause me to have to reinstall anything, or is it pretty much just copying over that code, and my site wont even see any downtime?

    Again, sorry for the delay, I sincerely appreciate your help!

    OK, I went and did what you said.

    It didn’t change anything, and as far as I can tell, everything is still working with my site.

    Again, I just wanted to mention that when I click to preview post, it has me logged in, and the bar. The minute I click my header to snap to my home page, I am no longer logged in on the front end, but I am on the back end…

    Any other suggestions?

    Thank you!

    As another note I have 2 sites, 1 is working correctly in every aspect.

    When I view page source, the site not working is missing everything related to the admin bar. I’m confused as to possibly how, since I just reinstalled everything, except the ones you told me not to… Is there something else kicking it out?

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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