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  • Resolved Seth Riley


    I have deactivated all the plugins but the tool bar is still not showing up for subscribers.

    I need the subscribers to be able to see the network guide menu tab in the toolbar when they visit my site and login.

    I do not want them to have the option to hide the tool bar on my site as it is now a major part of my primary navigation thanks to you! 🙂

    So whats the deal?

    Shouldn’t this plugin bypass the subscribers ability to hide the toolbar?

    Also, shouldn’t I be able to activate the toolbar network wide but give my sub site owners the ability to hide the toolbar?

    For instants. one of my subscribers would like to hide the toolbar on their site for marketing and branding reasons.

    But another site owner may want to show the network wide toolbar as a reference and/or quick link to video tutorials I have provided for them.

    Looking forward to your reply. This is one of my favorite plugins and it seems to be very useful so thanks for that guys! :)))))



    My site: whitehatmastermind (dot) (com)

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  • What if I wanted to always display the toolbar on my main site. But at the same time show the site owners a custom menu on there site. But not let the visitors of the sub sites see the menu items I have added to the network wide menu. Is this possible with your plugin? 🙂

    Plugin Author Guillaume Assire


    Hi Seth

    Looks like you’re using Multisite, I would encourage you to visit Central Geek if not done already, and get in touch with my friend Louis there, he’s the “multisite” expert of our team. Especially when your questions in these posts essentially belong to the “how to” category rather than to the “doesn’t work” one…

    For the subscribers issue. First, you should check that your subscribers are members of all sites (or at least the ones you want them to), they will be considered as users on subsites where they’re not members, this role has its own checkbox in WPS Toolbar options tabs. Second, the “Show Toolbar” checkbox at the WP Profile page will be hidden if you activate the Network Toolbar from the “Network” tab, or you check “Force the display” at the “Toolbar” tab of a given site. Oh and, unfortunately it uses Javascript, no other way to do so that I’m aware of, so if a user has deactivated JS (10% of browsers have JS deactivated for various reasons), this checkbox will actually show. Other than that, this checkbox should not show, and the Toolbar should be forcibly displayed. If none of the above works, then there would be an issue with the plugin that I would be happy to investigate. As far as I can tell, it works for me.

    About your other considerations. If you activate the Network Toolbar from the “Network” tab, it will show forcibly network wide without site admins being able to hide it. Alternatively, if you visit the “Sites” tab, you may hide the “Toolbar” options tab from sites where you want to force the display of the Toolbar, and then from your Main Site, “Toolbar” tab, check “Force the display of the Toolbar”. This setting will be mirrored to all the subsites where this options tab is hidden. Note that hiding the “Toolbar” tab from subsites will equally mirror that setting and all the other settings available at this tab, from the Main Site to those subsites.

    It is important to stress that this corresponds to two different use cases. The first one means “I’m the boss in my network”, the other gives a little flexibility to site admins, which in return assumes they can use it, e.g. to hide the Toolbar or any of its default items. If using network menus, or willing to show anything network wide, I would strongly suggest to use the Network Toolbar feature to ensure the Toolbar will be displayed network wide. You may have to make a balance between all your needs 🙂

    About your last question. If you want to add items to a menu depending on roles, you should consider adding different menus to the same location, and set their roles accordingly. This should also work for network menus, and overimposing site menus above network menus. There are also hooks that you may use, esp. one to make a menu item, a location for subsites’ custom menus, which can be useful for multisite installs – look for “symposium_toolbar_init_globals_done” in the Dev Guide.

    Last but not least, the issue of responsiveness has been brought to my attention through another topic: under 783px width, all Toolbar items but the WP Logo and User Menu (“My Account”) will be hidden by WordPress. This is important enough for me to put this on top of my TODO list, but not to delay any further the v27 that is now ready for upload with plenty of new features and bug fixes, thanks to user inputs 🙂


    Thank you for the long winded explanation!

    I will defiantly be getting in touch with you guys via Central Geek.

    It’s nice to see a plugin author respond on the WP support forum. 🙂


    Plugin Author Guillaume Assire


    You’re welcome…

    I’m cleaning up the support forum, can we mark this topic as resolved or is there any specific issue you would like to keep it open for ? E.g. the subscribers, could you solve this ?

    Well I haven’t resolved the issue yet.

    If you want to close it you can. Im not really sure how to fix the problem though.

    Plugin Contributor Central Geek


    Hi Seth,

    I will be happy to take a look at what is going on if you contact me at the site. I don’t want to get into a conflict with the mods here by asking information within these forums or providing email addresses here.

    If you contact me and I don’t respond for a few hours, I will be out for a while. I will get back with you as soon as I return.

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