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    A conflict was found with TablePress that I’m working on resolving. Are you using that plugin?

    Nope, I don’t use this plugin. I didn’t even know, there is such plugin at all.

    I have got the feeling, that your plugin’s buttons are hidden by standard WordPress toolbar. But since, the entity, which is hidning them, is empty, then I’m not sure, what is this.

    I think, I have found, what is causing metioned problem. It has nothing to do with TablePress as I don’t use this plugin.

    Your plugin is uses following HTML element to render buttons: <div id="ed_toolbar" style="">. This element contains all the buttons, that your plugin adds.

    “Something” is adding the very same element below, with the same ID (strange), with quicktags-toolbar class and some styling, i.e.: <div id="ed_toolbar" class="quicktags-toolbar" style="position: absolute; top: 0px; width: 1399px;"></div>. This element contains no buttons and no other elements, but since it is positioned on-top of “your” element, then it hides it completely.

    I don’t know, what is that “something”, that adds this element, because browsing through entire code (all files) of your plugin reveals, that there is not even a tiny line, that would contain quicktags-toolbar string (class of additional element). So, my only guessing is that something is adding this element dynamically. It is supported, by the fact, that if you observe editing area on slow computer and slow connection, you may see, that buttons appears as normal initially and are covered by additional toolbar only after “spinner” ends spinning.

    I don’t know what is causing this and how to fix this in professional manner, but an ugly workaround, that I found was to add .quicktags-toolbar {display: none;} styling to the end of mdqt_style.css file and upload it to FTP.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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