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    (I cannot provide a link to the website because the website is in maintenance mode)\

    On the settings page, it has the “Accessibility Settings Toolbar”. I have that checked.

    The next one is Toolbar Location and asks for the ID attribute. What does that mean? I used the #header but that didn’t work. The theme I use doesn’t have an actual “header”. What they consider the header is the left sidebar.

    I am using the Author theme. WordPress 5.4.2

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  • Plugin Author Joe Dolson


    Adding an ID attribute is optional; it’s only if you want to move the location of the toolbar. If it has an invalid value in it, the toolbar won’t appear; but you can leave it blank for the default attachment.

    Okay. That mostly worked. It is on the left but covers up some of the text (the sidebar is on the left. And it’s just two broken images.

    LOL Now I need to move it. Sigh, I’m never going to get this website going.

    Is the font really necessary since everyone can just use ctrl + scroll? Just curious.

    Huh. It’s fixed it’s broken images. Yay. But still in the way. Boo. How do I move it?

    (realized I could edit this vs putting yet another post)

    I put an image above the text and boom, everything shifted down enough that it isn’t covered. Hoot!

    But, still, is there a way to move it? There’s nothing on the right. So there’s plenty of room for it.

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    Plugin Author Joe Dolson


    None of it is necessary if your website is accessible; the toolbar is only an additive to offer if your website is otherwise too low contrast or if you particularly need to customize the way to increase font sizes on your site. I generally recommend against using it unless you know you definitely need it.

    You should be able to attach it to any container with an ID on the site; but it should be attached to something early in the source order, so it’s easily found by somebody who is keyboard dependent.

    There are themes that don’t use ID attributes; if you’re using one of those, it’ll be harder. I don’t know the Author theme in specific.

    Thank you for your help!

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