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  • the toolbar at the top of the screen that appears when you are logged in to the site is broken, but only on the public-facing page. On the backend it is fine.

    My site ( has a space to put the toolbar but it is not loading there. Instead, it is loading at the bottom of the page, in list format (showing list on the end of this post). It is like this on pages and posts and the front page, so everywhere it is public-facing.

    On one hand, I do not allow users to register, so the only users are the other authors and me. This means the public can see nothing wrong and everything appears to be fine. On the other hand, I don’t llike that something is not working. It leads me to wonder what else isn’t working right that I just cannot see right now.

    Here is how it is displayed, after the footer (links appear to work on the page):
    Skip to toolbar

    About WordPress
    Support Forums
    Real Homebrew
    Magazine Basic
    Keyword Research
    AdWords External
    Google Insights
    SEO Book
    Analyze this page
    Check Inlinks (OSE)
    Check Keyword Density
    Check Google Cache
    Check Headers
    SEO Settings
    Titles & Metas
    XML Sitemaps
    Internal Links

    Log Out

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  • Did this start before or after you upgraded to 3.5?

    Good question. It seemed to start after the upgrade.


    I tested Magazine Basic on a vanilla 3.5 install and the wpadminbar worked normally. The wpadminbar is almost the last thing to load in a theme and it is given its positioning with a stylesheet that is loaded only with the wpadminbar. It makes sense that it would be at the bottom after the footer based on how it loads but I cannot truly verify why you are having the issue without seeing how the wpadminbar loads and if the stylesheet is loading at all. It seems that the stylesheet is not loading.

    If you view source do you see the two stylesheets for the wpadminbar? They will be admin-bar-rest.css and admin-bar.min.css.

    I don’t see those two files in the Magazine Basic folder or in the twentyeleven folder. Am I looking in the right place?

    Also, I tried switching to the twentyeleven theme and the problem was the same.

    They will not be loaded from the theme folders. admin-bar-rest.css is loaded from and admin-bar.min.css is loaded from wp-includes/css/admin-bar.min.css. In fact when I try to load it states that the file does not exist. I would download 3.5 fresh and place that file in the correct folder and see if that works.

    Okay – Thanks, Paul. The files were actually there but the permissions had gotten wacky (more restrictive wacky, that is – the better way to go) so it was not executing.

    Thank you so much for your help!


    I’m glad it is resolved.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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