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  • I am a WooThemes customer, and I had the woocommerce shopping cart installed. It worked for over a year, I updated it, it worked correctly for exactly ONE order once updated and then no longer worked. I had no idea it was the shopping cart because of that – but apparently someone at woo themes did because although it took weeks to get an update – an update was done and the issue was fixed.

    I contacted Woo Themes support as soon as I realized there was a problem — got several replies from them, all telling me stuff I already did and knew and then one asking for my password to check it out, which in less than 5 minutes I replied with my password.

    Well 10 days later —- a different support person decided to write me, saying thanks, it looks like it is fixed! After I already saw there was an update to to Woocommerce shopping cart 7 days prior and fixed it.

    I was literally out of business for nearly 3 weeks.

    I know woocommerce is a free shopping cart, but I have purchased several Woo Themes and to just not be replied to AT ALL and then have someone reply to me a week after I find the update myself and countless hours of stress involved… Well I will just say this — I am building a second website, and others after that – and will very likely not be using Woo Themes because of this whole incident.

    Seriously disappointed customer here.

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  • Moderator cubecolour


    If your website being up is that important to your business, you really should have a process for testing changes before rolling out to the live site. At the very least you should always have a way of rolling back or restoring to a previous version of the site.

    Thank you for your wisdom.

    Since the Woo Commerce shopping cart was updated – I made ONE sale, and it stopped working – I had no idea that it was the WooCommerce shopping cart plug in, because of that.

    I have a testing site. What good does a testing site do you if you try out a plug in, it works, then it stops working?

    I have a back up of my website, and I did not know how to roll it back, my web guy was not available – all of which I informed the service person that tried to help and replied to me several times until he got my log in information and then just stopped replying 10 days ago.

    The issue I have is with the unreplied to customer service ticket and customer service. Had the service person replied to my ticket saying — here read this and roll back your site, it would have been resolved – but all I got was nothing and apparently it was a known issues because I did find something on the forums about it – so I got ignored. Sorry – that is not my idea of excellent customer service.

    Just stating some facts.

    Plugin Author Mike Jolley


    There were no known add to cart issues in .12. .12 was out for ages – if there were problems there would have been more reports.

    No, your problem would have been due to the hack you admitted to being victim to. You said yourself that your designer had been dicking around with the theme/plugins to remove ‘links’. Its very likely that he either missed something or broke something in the process. .13 probably just repaired that damage.

    The correct cause of action would have been to restore your site rather than remove the hack manually, or using a service like securi

    I’m sorry your support ticket was lost (found it this morning whilst looking at unassigned tickets) but tbf you are reviewing the core plugin, not support.

    p.s. I would still recommend Securi – who knows what else was missed.

    @rocksandreiki what @cubecolour said is totally true, you should not have directly updated plugin on live site (specially when its an ecommerce site, you loose business 🙁 ), test site would have told you about error you faced, if it works there (with same amount of plugins installed with same theme and same configuration in short everything same), then it should have worked on live site.

    Also like you said it works for first order then stopped working, it means it was not a woocommerce itself it could be either The Hack, or it happened because of cleaning process which broke your cart functionality.

    And you should consider security plugins (there are some v. useful plugins in, so you are safe from majority of known attacks.

    Sucuri, Vaultpress and paid solutions but worth your money and time.

    And one suggestion, never ever upgrade / update anything (theme, plugin or even wordpress itself) before carefully knowing what’s changed in new update, what could break, what changes will be required in code (if any), and I recommend hire a professional (no every coder who thinks he can do everything but a real proficient programmer), so he is responsible for you updates and maintenance of site, rather the you saving few bucks and in long run costs you hundreds 🙁 .

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