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  • I had to deinstall it right away. I have no idea whether the plugin is good or bad, or if it works or causes errors. The plugin advertises itself – or rather perhaps its creator does – as the best social share plugin and 100% FREE – in ALL capitals as if it were screaming at you. The first thing that happens after installation is that a huge boxed message pops up to you – the width of your desktop screen, screaming at you, NEWBIES! (what patronizing audacity) and offering a 30% discount on some garbage, probably the plugin update. Now, it’s a distraction, annoyance, and of course, it got uninstalled right away. A lesson – like decent people good plugins are subtle and reserved. In my experience, if you install a plugin and it starts screaming at you offering you upgrades or merchandise or attempts to track what you do up front, even without giving you a chance to look at what it does, uninstall immediately. There are better alternatives.

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