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  • i just wanted a Twitter feed and was faced with a list of instructions. I had to ‘Create and Application’ that then required me to enter my mobile phone number in my Twitter profile. At that point I gave up. I shouldn’t have to visit three pages just to install a plugin!! Other plugs use the account I’m already logged in to. This plug is just a pain in the neck.

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  • Plugin Author Joe Dolson


    Using the Twitter feed is purely a secondary function of this plugin; the primary functionality is in posting from your WordPress site to Twitter, which requires you to authenticate as an application at Twitter.

    Using a feed with Twitter can be done with any authentication to Twitter; for that, it doesn’t matter what account is authenticated, and can easily be done through a simple authentication, but posting to Twitter isn’t as easy.

    Nicholas, perhaps if you were looking for a Twitter Feed only, you should have realized that wasn’t the intended use of this plugin. The name itself is “WP to Twitter”, which clearly implies posting FROM WordPress TO a Twitter account, most likely when something is published.

    I think this is an unfair review when (sorry to say) the error is on your interpretation of what the plugin’s functionality is, not the plugin itself.

    In order for WordPress to gain write access to an account, it must establish an application.

    Check your keywords when looking for plugins before you misuse and misunderstand them.



    I totally agree with Eric. A review should probably evaluate the intended core functionality of a plugin, rather than looking at all the things that it cannot do. Otherwise you could also criticize any caching or slideshow plugin for not sending tweets.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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