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  • I dont know about you guys but there is alot of crap in 2.0 when making posts that just makes me want to pull my hair out. There are tons of bugs that need to be fixed and im hoping these will get addressed soon.

    Like :

    When I press ENTER twice in a post to make it go down 2 lines, IT NEVER EVER EVER VER WORKS. I sware im so pissed about this. I can never get 2 lines. Even if I edit HTML and add a BR tag to it. Nothing good is coming up this.

    But wait, sometimes it might SOMEWHAT work, but the only times it will work, it will take the side bar and bring it all the way to the bottom of the page even though its obvious there is more than enough room on the right side.

    I sware I just want to vent because other than that, 2.0 is pretty good except for if I wanted to upload mp3’s using the upload feature. I want to kick someone right now im so angry. Please fix all these bugs ASAP! Thanks

    Oh wait wait wait… Also I wanted to say, why cant you edit all the info on an image to make it move to the right. Does ChenPress work still with 2.0? Last I heard it didn’t…. I want to go back to Chenpress cause it worked SOOOO Much better!

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  • There is an option when you put the image in to say whether you want it center, right, left etc. you can also add align=”right” after the .jpg” to change the alignment.

    I know you can do that, but thats not even close to enough options like it was on chenpress. Thats too much trouble.

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