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    I have arclite with wordpress 2.8.5 ( and my header has a little too much sky, especially since the pager is longer than a browser page on many screens. My footer is even worse. is it an easy fix?

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  • you should fix your errors

    look in your theme’s `style.css for

      height: 190px;
      position: relative;
      z-index: 1000;
      color: #fff;
    #header .block-content{
      height: 190px;

    play with that for header

    I tried adjusting that 190 value to like 150 (both places simultaneously and individually) but nothing happened, even after I hit crl f5 several times.

    I went to fix your errors, but am ignorant of css code, but I will pass this one on to a friend who can help. Thanx


    my apologies
    you have a header-wood.css file with this

    /* wood header */
    #header{ background: transparent url(../images/options/header-x-wood-center.jpg) no-repeat center top; }
    #header-wrap{ background: transparent url(../images/options/header-x-wood.jpg) repeat-x center top; }

    so you will need to adjust the image size located here

    I clicked on the link, but don’t know what to do from there. Did you intend for me to go into the wordpress dashboard and find the place where this graphic can be manipulated, or do I have to paste the header into paint, resize it, wait, then where would I paste it to? I’ll keep fishing around.


    Resize it however you want, and then open your ftp and find in the Wp-content -> themes -> arclite -> images -> options -> header-x-wood-center.jpg. Name your new header header-x-wood-center.jpg and paste it there.

    I resized it, but I still can’t find

    “open your ftp and find in the Wp-content -> themes -> arclite -> images -> options”

    anywhere on my wordpress dashboard. I looked in the

    media library,
    themes under ‘appearances’
    ‘add new themes,
    general setting,

    What am I missing?

    @obipawn, oh, it is going to be hard.

    How did you uploaded your wordpress folder? And who did it?

    oh, yeah, it started to dawn on me before your last post. My brother in law across the country initially set up wordpress and arclite for me (he is the re-seller who sold me the domain), then made me an administrator because he has little time to help me with my website. I’ve been tweaking the site for weeks without downloading arclite or wordpress. Can I do that so I have access to the wordpress folder?

    yes, you need to have access to your wordpress folder.

    ok, thanks. How do I do that (you just knew that was coming, LOL)?

    do you have any passwords to your website besides the one for your wordpress admin? you need the ftp password.

    No. thanks, though. I guess it’s time to contact my brother in law and ask.

    Kiano, thank you so much for your time!

    no problem. glad to help you.

    I emailed my brother in law. in the meantime, I could try using the same password for ftp as I use to get into my wordpress dashboard.

    where do I go to log in?

    @obipwan, if you never used a ftp account it is hard for you to understand your steps now. You need a ftp software like windows commander and there you can log in… Try to tell your brother in law to upload your jpg for you. I will tell you exactly where so you can tell him.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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