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  • Read carefully the explanations: only one documentation is available with the free version of the plugin. Too bad.

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  • Plugin Author slickremix


    Hey Li-An,
    Thanks for the review. Sorry to disappoint you! Many hours of hard work went into developing this plugin. Thanks for taking the time to install and check out the plugin though! Hopefully in the future you won’t mind supporting people for their work and will look to buy a great product!

    Thanks again for your time and review!

    Well, I can imagine you need some money for your hard work but the free version is very light.

    Plugin Author slickremix


    Well at this time you can take advantage of our coupon code: DocItTester
    check out with it and you can have premium version for free! Thanks again for the review! Enjoy!

    Why would you give a low review because you are cheap? This is supposed to be a review of the product and its functionality… Not to mention, the 1 document limit can be overcome by simply building a WordPress Multisite implementation.

    I say considering the low price and relative age of the project, I believe you SlickRemix did excellent work. It saved me all the hours of coding my own and your coding style is, for the most part, really easy to follow and make modifications and additions to. If I were to try and do this myself, there would be no point, because I would have used up the $15 you are asking in the first 15 minutes just thinking about doing it.

    Well, a lot of people proposes freely their work here and they spent hours to code so it’s not about “how much time did I take to make the plugin”. Remember that WP is free so I am never kind with my reviews of paying plugins – in fact, the paying plugins are making money because WP is free.

    I test a lot of plugins and there is more and more free/paying plugins – it’s a relative new tendance in WP because for a long time, people would not imagine to make user pay to use a free blog engine.

    So, there is paying plugins and it’s a fact. The review here is about the free version, not the complete version – I suppose you can understand that. In this free version, only one documentation is possible. It’s very restrictive. You give a solution and it’s a complex solution for regular WP user – as I am – so it cannot count in the review (and if it was a simple solution, I suppose the developper would not be happy to read that).
    If you are happy with the complete plugin, it’s your choice but it has nothing to do with a review about the free version. I made this review so users can be warned about the specifity of the free version. I think it’s a good review 🙂

    Plugin Author slickremix


    Thanks for your feedback! We are happy to hear what ever it is you feel! We even consider negative feedback to be a positive thing! Being that we can learn from what people want to express to us to make our company/plugins better.

    First off, We don’t believe you actually even understand the functionality the free plugins “1 document item” It allows you to create 1 MAIN document category with unlimited amount of sub categories. A lot of people may not ever even use more then one. For example 1 Document item could be the Documentation on the Doc It plugin. Here is an example link of what the Free Version of Doc It can do:

    It’s very unfortunate you feel that way about Paid/Premium Plugins. Yes, WordPress is a free platform but you must understand that even they make plenty of money to run their billion dollar company. Here is how:

    Just think great things are never completely free because us developers still have to eat and provide for our families. Next time you think “oh man I have to pay for this plugin.” Think about how only years ago (roughly the 90’s early 2000’s) you may have had to pay thousands of dollars for custom development for something such as Doc It. Now you can pay a 1 time or yearly fee of $15. That is a drastic change.

    This is not to say we do not believe what so ever in open source coding as it is changing the world for the better we believe.

    Hopefully we have given you a better understanding of Doc It and also helped change your mind on paid/premium plugins. If not, it is ok some people will always think because of open source that means everything on the internet should be free but i can assure you that if that became the case all developers will stop developing because they cannot survive!

    Cheers and Thanks again!

    Well, I will take a look: you may be right, one document can be enough for a regular blog.
    And as I’m an “artist”, I can understand the difficuly of making money of it’s own work… but I consider that free plugins for WP are a great thing too – and I my blog is free.

    Just ran across this review. Wow, Li-An, do you give your art away? Sure your blog is free, but is your work?

    I don’t use any free material to make my living – too bad for me.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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