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  • OK. Somehow, I managed to find a way to make the tagline appear in Annotum Theme, thus:

    However, I m\y have inadvertently deleted an item of code because there is now an excessive amount of space between the header and the tagline.

    Does anyone have any ideas or the php code (and where) to right this again so it looks normal. I would be most grateful because my last resort at this point is to delete all the files from the file manager and start over with a new installation and start this over from scratch.

    I really,- really do not want to do that after all of the work setting this up. I am almost done!



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  • I have gone to Admin Screen> Appearance> editor > Style.css many times. That is where I entered that last bit of code you sent me. Is that where I am supposed to be or is there somewhere else?

    If that’s it, nothing I have ever added to that has done anything. That’s why it is still virtually empty.



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    Yeah, that should be it, but it looks like that file is not linked to the html files as it should be. Weird. I went to the Annotum site and as you found out (I saw your post from the other day), not any help on how to use the theme itself — just on all the research doc stuff). Very annoying. So there are a couple of options — one is that we can try to edit the header.php file to link that stylesheet — as you are definitely going to want to be able to make other changes in the future. And/or we can add inline CSS styles for the tagline — so at least that’s fixed. And/or you can try to edit the other stylesheet which is in: assets > main > css > main.css .

    The first would be the best long-term fix…what do you think?

    I think this theme may be one of the few that was initially designed for wordpress.COM — and then a slightly modified version put over here – so that may be why it’s strange. Still, very frustrating if you happen to be trying to use it on a self-hosted site. ARGH.

    Header.php or header-default.php? The first one is just a placeholder I think.

    And yes, communication with the developers has been less than positive or not at all.

    I am game with the first option. I just don’t know where to start, actually.

    So whenever you are ready, thank you immensely. You are the first person I have encountered here that has been extremely helpful in all of this.

    Thanks again,


    And also is it possible to link that tagline (in the code) to the title (header 1)? I installed google fonts and I would like to have matching fonts.

    I was able to do that before with the cobbled code I created but it doesn’t seem to do anything now.



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    Hi Mike,
    Okay, back to this pain in the *** theme — LOL! I’m really not a php or WP expert when it comes to modifying php files, so let me look at this some more…or maybe someone will come along who knows more than either of us does…

    It won’t be a problem to use the same font — you’ll just put it in the CSS file (once we get that going)…

    Wonderful. Thank you! If we cannot find a way, then I may have to do the unthinkable: forget about the tagline.

    I hope we don’t have to.

    Thanks again for all of your help and smarts,




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    Well, the other possible option is to use another theme — are you seriously wedded to this one? I saw that you are going (or about to go) to grad school (very cool — I’m just about to be done with an MBA program — went back many years after my undergrad) — so I’m guessing the “academic / research / publishing” aspects of this theme are the appeal? But do you know for sure that you need all that? You could, conceivably, have two sites (under one domain) — one for your more personal stuff — and one for “published” stuff…

    Just a thought…

    using Firefox’ web developer add-on would show, that the tagline could be selectively styled by:

    h2#tagline { }

    OK. I’m game for that alternate solution. The more personal stuff will be the same however, though nothing peer-reviewed yet but I plan on doing that as soon as I enter or shortly thereafter. In that case, I will have to drop the obsession with the tagline, which may take us back to where we started.

    Congratulations to you, too.

    But I am open for ideas, and for the ability to replace that big blue blob with a photo of my choosing. I know there is a plugin, but I haven’t figured out which one will work and then one asked that I enter code into style.css (back to where we stated (ugh). Unless I can create something in file manager at the very back end?



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    @alchymyth, thanks for posting here. The problem seems to be that in this theme, the style.css file is not linked so editing it does not work. The theme styles are in another stylesheet…by intention. So we are trying to link that stylesheet — can we just put a link to it in the header.php file (below the wp_head() ??)?



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    @mike, well, another theme would definitely be easier — and at least delay dealing with the issues with Annotum. Plug-ins really are not the best solution for things like a header image — as they can slow down the site, and/or cause bigger problems…but you could probably do an background-image without a plug-in — but that’s back to CSS — LOL! Let’s see if alchymyth replies, and/or we’ll try it ourselves (ha!).

    Also, you could probably get at least some of the functionality that you would want for peer-reviewed stuff, without using Annotum (I’m not dissing it as it’s a VERY cool concept…but not exactly user-friendly!)…or just set the publishing part up as a separate site (using Annotum) with a link from/to your personal site — and then don’t worry about what the Annotum site looks like. Your “personal” site would be the way you want it — more creative, etc.

    The problem seems to be that in this theme, the style.css file is not linked so editing it does not work.

    I see; the theme really does not want to be edited 🙁

    one step forward –
    to get the style.css being loaded as stylesheet – after the other stylesheets of the theme – add this to functions.php:

    function activate_style_css() {
    wp_register_style( 'general-style',
        get_stylesheet_directory_uri() . '/style.css',
        'all' );
      wp_enqueue_style( 'general-style' );

    this still makes it difficult to edit all other templates as these as well cannot be accessed via the ‘appearance’ ‘editor’…

    That unfortunately caused a little burp, I think.
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    Hopefully you saw that. I just took it off. The code was showing on the front end at the top of the header.

    if you add the suggested code to functions.php – somewhere after the initial <?php and in a spot that does not violate any php syntax rules – it should not show anywhere.

    I randomly added the code in line 200 of functions.php, just after this line:

    add_filter('wp_nav_menu_args', 'anno_wp_nav_menu_args');

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