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  1. Tanganjika
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hi, I just decided to use WordPress, tinker and tamper to make it do what I want, therefore seeking the help of this forum.

    While I just wonder but never mind to find a decent link "Matt" in the footer, I consider it a nuisance to be forced to subscribe to his Gravatar website just to change that ugly default avatar. I can't even just remove it.

    African rulers here were I live are criticised for cronyism -- but what might we call this merger of issues?

    IMHO Open Source movement depends on the collaboration of commoners without centering on a guru.

  2. The default avatar settings are built into WordPress, on the Settings->Discussion page.

    And the Gravatar service is provided by Automattic, and it's used for a lot more than just WordPress. It's a Global Avatar system, used for avatars everywhere.

  3. Tanganjika
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I understand the idea behind Gravatar as Global Avatar system. Only were is my freedom of choice not to use it? May I at least be able to abstain from having one at all?

  4. I don't understand your concerns here. If you don't want to enable avatars or use them, then just don't enable or use them. Easy enough.

    As I said, the settings for them are on the Settings->Discussion in WordPress.

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