• It does what it does but honestly… there is a threshold on advertising your pro.

    You just crossed the line!!!
    It just made me uninstall your plugin and look for an alternative! This is just unfair towards the other plugins that behave correctly and unfair towards your users.

    All in all, I find this plugin to be useful and clearly it allows basic functions that other plugins do only with pro versions. But I don”t like authors that take decision to transform their users’s WPs into a field for advertising…

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    Thanks for the review but please keep it to your words here only. No links or links to images. That’s not permitted in reviews and I have removed yours.

    that’s ok, it was to show people which kind of invasive ad the author decided to put…

    Plugin Author OnePress



    Sorry to hear that you are not satisfied by the plugin. Please clarify – what advertisements do you mean?

    The plugin suggestions to go to the premium version only on own pages. There is a single topbar that appears several times and can be closed easily.

    We would glad to hear your suggestions to make the upgrade offer less annoying.


    Paul, you should know very well of which ad I am referring to.
    Also, here in Wp I can’t post any link or printscreen so I can’t show you anything.

    POint 1

    “There is a single topbar that appears several times and can be closed easily.”
    > yeah, and I have 33 plugins installed, if every plugin do the same my WP would become unmeanagable! I would spend my time closing your ads.
    If I buy your premium, just show it on YOUR plugin page dot. Don’t need to show it on my WP on any page until I close it.

    Point 2
    Your bar “Try the premium version for 7 days for free” it doesn’t get away when I click “no thanks not now”, it keep on revening!!!!
    Also I tried to click 7 days premium free… because I had enough of your ad, and another ad bar came up with “the trial key will expire in 4.35 days…”

    I have several business, so if I decide to upgrade it will be for several business and, trust me, money is no object here.
    What is object is that I need to first see if I really need the pro, need your plugin and how powerful it is.
    As me there are several persons in the same situation where IF we decide to upgrade it’s surely NOT FOR YOUR ADS in my Wp but just because of MY NEEDS and WHAT YOUR PRO can solve my problem. I would investigate the pro in anyway regardless of your wp ads!!!

    Point 3
    INSTEAD, your very aggressive AD policy, IS JUST THE REASON why I have enough of this plugin. This is NOT the way to treat your leads, transforming their wp into an ad machine. Keep in mind that WP owner are probably blogger, biz owners, indepedent workers or web administrators… that’s your target: surely not stupid people. But with those ads you treat them as stupid and this just make us go away from you!!!

    Point 4
    You also add a bar BELOW your plugin in the plugin list to upgrade to premium… this is again a thing that drive me crazy. If all plugin does that I would have to scroll down 2 times because the used space would be the double. Again, a wrong way to ad your pro, which makes me wanna just go away from your plugin!!!

    I took the time to write this elaborate feedback because all in all your plugin solve my problem, but with all these aggressive ad strategy you are just making me go away as surely this is reflected on the pro too.

    kind regards

    Plugin Author OnePress


    Thank you for your detailed clarification. We will take it into account preparing the plugin to the next update and remove some plugin notifications inside WP.


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