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  • Hi,
    I have a wordpress site hosted with WP Engine on a shared server. We are using woocommerce. We have a product that has 1008 variations. I was able to create the product (with difficulty) however I am not able to make any changes to the product because when I “update” the product page the server times out and I get a 502 error. After speaking with WP Engine support several times and Woocommerce the issue lies within the server as it times out at 60sec. I believe it is timing out because of the number of variations. Because we are on a shared environment the timeout can not be increased and we do not wish to upgrade to a dedicated server.

    Is there anything anyone can think of that can be written, maybe a plugin or something that would allow us to update this product?

    Could something be written that would maybe… compile or separate the variations into chunks (300,300,300,108 for example) so the server doesn’t have to process all 1008 variations at the same time?

    I appreciate any suggestions anyone might have. Thank you

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • I see you have 2 x 4 x 7 x 3 x 6 = 1008 variations. However, if say left or right does not affect price or sku, you can set that attribute to “Any”. This will reduce the number of variations by half. If you can do this with other variations you would get a further geometric reduction in the number of variations.

    If any attributes don’t affect price or sku, a plugin like WC Fields Factory can put in some radio buttons to replace one or more of the drop-downs. Other add-on plugins allow you to attach a price to a radio button or checkbox, usually as an addition not as a multiplier.

    I don’t know the exact nature of your product, but ultimately you could make as a simple product with 5 sets of radio buttons.

    If every combination has its own sku, I’d be tempted to split the product and put in links in the description to related products in the series.

    OMG!!! That’s all I had to do?? Wow! I’ve been doing it the hard way for months. Turns out I only needed 3 variations. The sku is the same for everything and the only price change is on the 3 shafts. Thank you!!!!

    I’ve filled out about 7 tickets with woocommerce and no one had a solution. All they had to do is look at my set up like you did. thanks again.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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