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  • I am in the process of having to select the best website software for an educational institute. Having used WP extensively for my own personal use, I would have to say it is my first option, however, as the setup may involve a large amount of users – as in over 300 to 400 – has anyone found that too many users can cause any problems?
    Additionally, can the amount of posts ever get too big? It is quite feasible that upwards of 300 posts could be posted daily.
    If anyone else has used WP within a school system it would be great to hear from you.
    Thanks 🙂

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  • depends on the resources available to you. if you’re using a hosting provider, it better be a good one that doesn’t impose tight restrictions.

    So is each child going to get there own blog as such?

    snakerboy: Not really. They will have the ability to post though. A means of children displaying their work within the school intranet and/or on the website would be in the form of posts. Categories could be kept to year levels or classes and each child can be given a pseudonym or nickname for security issues. Students may be assigned a level of 3 for instance and teachers could run at 9 to oversee the whole procedure.
    It should work. The only doubt I have is whether WP is designed to cope with such large numbers. So if anyone who has tried can give me an idea of any foreseeable problems, it would be much appreciated.

    Could you set up one blog per year ?
    That would reduce any possible load and may make for some customising appropriate to to their ‘level’ so to speak.

    Not a bad idea Podz. I guess it depends on the capabilities of our school server but at this stage it looks as if we can house the domain within the school and we will be assigned a local ip adddress for internet accessibility.
    The school runs on a 10mb pipe so it should be a fast and stable setup. My whole aim overall is to make it as easy as possible for students and teachers alike. We are very close to having VPN functionality and obviously WP has great advantages in that it can be accessed from such a wide array of locations.
    I am very hopeful at this stage of having it setup by late November. The other added bonus is that the school tape drive system will ensure a stable backup at all times.
    I just want to try and cover all the bases before I get started on setting it up.

    More db’s = less mess potentially 🙂

    Yeah, I agree with podz. Create a fresh db each year and save each year’s db as a different ‘archived’ blog.

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