• The release cycle of the updates is ridiculous. Every second day there is a new minor update which just fixes the errors made in the previous version. There seems to be no
    code review before deployment. The user is the beta tester.

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  • Hi thefountain,

    Sorry to see that you’ve experienced errors in the plugin. Here at iThemes before any new update/plugin/theme is released it goes through several rounds of testing. However regardless of the amount of testing that we do we are unable to foresee every possible scenario that is going to happen with the end user.

    So in essence yes the user is both a tester and user because those scenarios that we can’t catch before release we look to our users to fill out the iThemes Security Bug form. That feedback form goes directly to our developers so that they can fix the issues that are being experienced by the general public.

    We’re pushing out updates to fix all of the problems people experience to which in the initial stages it can be an every other day occurrence. Our policy is to release as soon as we have a bug fix(es) or improvement and I know how it can be annoying but it is for the benefit of our users. It is worth noting all of the big updates happened soon after the release with the majority of latest releases addresses smaller issues.

    Thank you for your participate and patience in the matter as we strive to make a better cohesive experience for all with these updates.

    Best Regards-R.S.

    Much too many updates.

    Seems like every time I turn away you push another one at me from behind. Just annoying :-/ Many of us are running multiple WordPress sites.

    Can’t you reduce to once a week (still much too many) and give people experiencing minor errors the possibility to download a nightly build or so?

    I was a really great fan of Better WP Security, but this just has a total chaos touch to it. Like people who write 20 e-mails instead of combining them.



    I’m afraid I have to agree. You do need to reduce the regularity of updates to keep your current user base.

    Most of us using this plugin migrated from Better WP Security and loved it. We are developers who understand that bugs need fixing but not all bugs need fixing that quickly.

    With over 50 sites using this plugin it is becoming economically impossible to manage the updates. I spend so long going round updating them that by the time I get back to the beginning you have released a new version.

    It is an amazing product but you need to resolve this or we will very reluctantly have to find a more manageable security solution.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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