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  • Hello,

    I am using this buzzstore theme for my WooCommerce website. I have created a child theme of this theme and activated that. Now, the problem is, whenever I am uploading an image, 10 thumbnails are being created for that one image! So for every image, there are total 11 images on my server. Those images are occupying a lot of spaces in my server! Even though in this modern days, server space is a little less to be worried about, I am already running out of inodes!

    Let’s do the math. I am running an e-commerce website and my website has about 2000 products. I use a lot of images for my products. Each product has 5-10 variations and 10 other images. 1 image for each variation and 10 other images = 20 images for each product!

    For 2000 products = 2,000*20=40,000 images. That’s not bad.
    But when 10 additional images are being created for each image uploaded, then the number becomes too big. So in total, there would be 40,000*11=4,40,000 images!

    Here are the dimensions of the images.

    My cPanel allows me to host at best 3,00,000 files and my site won’t be backed up by the host once I host more than 2,00,000 files!

    What do I do now? Help appreciated.

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    Hi there,

    Thanks for using our theme, we really appreciate your business

    By Default WordPress have 3(three) & WooCommerce have 3(three) pre define image size which compatible to display you product image in homepage, shop page and single page with product variations design layout, so you don’t have to do any things for these options and We have define 4 different image size for compatible design layout in homepage category image, blogs & blogs details page, so if you have get more image or you don’t need the blog page then you have go to functions.php line number 61 to 64 and remove image size crop code.

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    Thanks for the reply. I did as you told and the situation is a bit better now. For every image I upload, 6 additional images are being created which is saving me a lot of inodes.

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