• right click and view page source and see how much this plugin adds to your page. 8 css files and 4 javascript. Too heavy. deactivate and page loads MUCH faster.

    UPDATE: 7 Jul 2015, Ok, I tried it again. Down to 3css files and 6 js files and the pages load in a reasonable amount of time now. Much better. I still need to go through full setup and connect it to paypal.

    Changed my review from two stars to three and will come back after I fully set it up with paypal and social login. I couldn’t see going through all that the first time if it was going to slow my site down. Hopefully I’ll come back and give 5 stars.

    UPDATE 12 July 2016, So this is the game; Get pro, it’s junk, lousy support, try to get refund, good luck, stall, stall nothing; Checked out with paypal but the payment is thru 2checkout and without knowing, you will be signed up as recurring so a year later, get charged again, even after trying to get a refund a year ago. crooks?

    UPDATE 14 July 2016, They refunded my money for the recurrence charge. Never did get the initial refund but I’m not worried about that. It’s been a year so I wrote it off as lesson learned. There’s not much of a selection for membership plugins. I finally gave up on them and went about things differently. I actually started over with something other than wordpress on one site and multisite along with a multisite clone plugin handles the rest of what I need.

    Back up to 3 stars for this plugin and it’s been a year since I tried it. Maybe they’ve improved some things. There was a bunch of little annoyances like graphics not lining up, poor documentation, bad attitude of at least one person on the support site, issues that remain ignored etc. Some of it has to do with language barriers and cultural differences but not all of it.

    I wish them well.

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    Thank you for your review.

    Users ultra uses qtip, lightbox, validationEngine. Only 3 JS files are loaded, these files are needed in order to use lightbox, we’re using qtip which is a great tool to display fancy tooltips.

    As for lightbox, you can deactivate it and the lightbox js files won’t be loaded.

    As for the css files, qtips needes its own css css files as well lightbox, there is not way to make them work without these files, so.. yes we have to load these resources, otherwise we couldn’t offer this great gallery.

    As for the other css files you’re mentioning, we will check it out.

    Thank you for your review

    Here you go. Correction to my original post. 8 css files and 7js files.



    jquery.validationEngine.js – is loading twice. I have no users and haven’t actually used this plugin, only installed and activated.

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    Thank you for your reply.

    The latest version has been improved and it’s not loading those files. However, another improved version will be up within few hours.

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    thank you for updating your review 🙂

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    this link may be useful http://doc.usersultra.com/how-to-activate-the-paid-membership-modules/. I hope that help you to get the paid membership module ready.

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