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  • too many redirects- diagnose this

    I have some unusual behaviour with a wordpress page and the redirects – and i need some advices. Well – i am not sure what exactly is happening.
    At the moment i cannot mention the real domain here in public as the project is under development.
    In my own chrome developer tools I see a direct 200 success. Some but not all other users report a “too many redirects” error.

    Question now is what is the best way to diagnose this?

    some reporting users recommend mobile app browsers, so no dev tools I could ask them.

    Background: i don’t use any special htaccess rules, and also no WordPress plugin I’m aware of doing redirects.

    But – i use some of the plugins. How to test – if it is a plugin that is responsible for the error…

    This can be done, for example, with an external tool like here – we ought to just enter the URL we want to start with.
    Afterwards we see the result and then show us whether the page could be opened directly with a 2xx code, or whether there are one or more redirects (301) in between.

    Well this is a very interesting approach:

    What do you mean!?

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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