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  • Hi all, I’ve been looking all over the forums, conducting google searches etc but I still cant get this problem resolved…. although I think I know where the problem is now, but it doesn’t work as I would like!

    Anyway, the initial problem: All of a sudden it was impossible to access my site from the front page, although typing in a page address would work. The error I (and others) got was the ‘too many redirects’ one when trying to open the page. It did this for any page being assigned as my front page, except for when the blog was at the front.

    So, I saw some advice on custom permalinks and set my link structure back to default. It now works! But I still get the problem even if I choose a permalink option other than ‘custom’, it only works on default. Any ideas how I may get these ‘pretty’ links to work again..? I did see mention of the host server not having the right software, but I’m with Network Solutions so I’m thinking this is unlikely….??

    Any help would be much appreciated!

    Here is my site if you need it:



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  • I should also mention that I tried disabling all pluggins, and that had no effect.



    I’m having the same trouble. Did you get this resolved?

    Are you using Yoast’s SEO plugin, by any chance? I kept having this problem until I unchecked the options on the Yoast SEO plugin dashboard to set category permalinks. It was conflicting with my security plugin and my category re-direct plugin and causing too many re-directs.

    Same problem here. I want ‘pretty permalinks’ too, but keep getting some pages that say ‘too many redirects’. So end up going back to the default URL’s

    No Yoast.

    What’s strange is that I don’t get the re-direct error ALL of the time. I installed the Permalink Fix & Disable Canonical Redirects Pack plugin, but I’m not seeing much improvement in the reliability of my URL.

    Is this a WordPress problem or is something going on with my hosting company and/or domain registrar?

    Do you have Bulletproof security and/or a plugin to hide /category/ on your URLs?

    I only started seeing the problem after the last WordPress update, which coincidentally, added an automatic /%postname%/ permalink option.

    Hi all,

    yeah still having the same problem:

    Pluggins don’t seem to change it whatsoever but these are the plugging I have:

    Audio player
    Disable Parent Menu Link
    Google Analytics for WordPress
    Jetpack by
    TinyMCE Advanced

    Theme I’m using:

    Twenty Eleven and as this was made by WordPress I can’t see this being the problem…?

    Anyone notice any similarities to my set-up..?

    ps @jamesostrand

    ‘Permalink Fix & Disable Canonical Redirects Pack’ didn’t work for me either.

    There must be some similarity between our cases..??

    I should have mentioned that I had to go back to the Settings >> Permalinks page on my dashboard and re-save my options after I found the problem. It didn’t work until after I did this.

    I think there’s something wonky with the new automatic ‘Post name’ option.

    If you’ve turned plugins off, and especially if you are using the ‘Post name’ setting under permalinks, try that. Caveat: If the issue seems to be fixed, go back and click on your posts from your main page a few minutes later to make sure it doesn’t revert, because mine did until I got the right fix.

    I’m afraid that hasn’t worked for me… Did anybody get this resolved…?

    I’m having the same problem. I keep getting the Too Many Redirects Problem.

    I cannot use the 301 redirects on Yoast’s SEO plugin, nor can I use the Force SSL on WordPress Https plugin.

    Same problem with all plugins deactivated.

    The site is on Network Solutions VPS hosting, and they have been pretty awful about providing me any information with this product.

    I am not having this problem with the same exact setup on Hostgator.

    Could it be a folder ownership issue? Maybe even at a higher level than the root folder?

    After you make sure that your WordPress, theme, and plugin installations are all updated, deactivate all of your plugins, go back to Settings>>Permalinks in your dashboard and re-save your permalink settings. Then click several posts to make sure it’s working. Just to be safe, log out, use a different browser, and check again.

    Also, make sure that you are not using two methods of stripping the /category/ from your category page URLs, such as “WP-No-Category-Base” and Yoast’s WordPress SEO plugin with category stripping enabled under the Permalink section, because that will definitely cause this problem.


    Thank you for your help, although this did not work.

    I tried disabling Yoast completely and have no other category stripping plugins in there. Still no luck.

    One other thing, I still get the too many redirects even if the default permalinks is set with the ? page id URL.

    The whole site works fine except when I try 301s or forced https.

    Mobile251, Have you tried rebuilding your .htaccess file?

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