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  • Hello,

    I’ve spent a few hours reading different posts on how to resolve ‘Too Many Redirects’ error. I’ve read so many different opinions on why it occurs – some say site was definitely hacked, some say permalinks problem, .htaccess issue, or possibly conflict of plugins. I don’t know where to start to try to fix this.

    One thing I’ve found is that when the site goes down due to too many redirects and I can’t login into wp-login, is if I change the plugin folder name via FTP, I can then login to the site and it works (without plugins working of course). I don’t know if that means it is definitely an issue with one of my plugins. I thought I could just rename each plugin and then try and activate each one by one to see if there was one that was causing the problem. However the site seems to crash as soon as I rename the plugin folder back to the original ‘Plugins’ folder name.

    Any help or advice on how to figure out what’s causing this would be much appreciated! I’m going crazy 🙂

    – Jenny

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  • Please post your site URL so that we can have a look at what is really happening and tell you what to do.

    I’m developing for a friend and not sure if she wants the url revealed while it’s under construction. However, after removing all plugins and then installing one by one and testing the site after each plugin is installed, I think I found which plugin is causing the error message.

    Whenever I install All-In-One-Event Calendar and test the site, I get the Too Many Redirects error. I tried this three times and every time I get the error, but the site seems stable without that plugin activated. I do see that All-In-One-Event Calendar has not been tested yet with WordPress 3.5. I believe this is the issue. Perhaps it would work on its own but is conflicting with a different plugin.

    Will see if I get the Too many redirects error message again…


    Did you try using a freshly downloaded copy of All-In-One-Event Calendar? The plugin’s page shows that it is compatible with WordPress 3.5.

    No I didn’t, but when I go to the wordpress plugin page, it says it is compatible up to 3.4.2. Calendar version is 1.8.2.

    I just went to the Timely site and it does look like there is a more recent version, however on the site it notes:

    We have received some reports that upgrading to WordPress 3.5 causes the change view button to break. While we cannot replicate this issue ourselves, please hold off on upgrading to WordPress 3.5 if you are running the Ai1EC. If you have already upgraded, and are having issues, please send a help request to with your URL and the version of the calendar you are using.

    Scroll down the page and you will see the 3.5 compatibility on the sidebar.

    Hmm, yes that’s exactly where I’m looking, using the page URL I noted above and it clearly says 3.4.2. I’ve refreshed page…perhaps where you are it’s updated but hasn’t got to me yet ? 🙂 I am running Ai1EC as well.

    Hosed my website after upgrading to 3.5 and installing the ALL-IN-ONE Event Calendar. Was able to disable and uninstall plugin but problem did not go away.

    Any ideas on how to recover my website? I do not have a matching FTP download and database backup.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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