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    At some recent point my site started having major problems:

    • Visitors can’t see pages other than the home page, error “too many redirects”
    • I can’t update or delete any plugins
    • I can’t update WordPress (currently at 4.8.2) or my theme (using 2010 theme); attempting to update the 2010 theme resulted in “Update Failed: Could not remove the old theme”
    • I attempt to update page or post content, I don’t get any errors but the content (specifically a Post that shows up on the home page) doesn’t change for visitors

    I’ve done the basics, mainly disabling all plugins. I thought I had a fix with file permissions: many help page posts suggested a file permissions problem, and I noticed via FileZila that all my pages had permissions of 644 (Group can only read). I recursively changed all file permissions to 664 (Owner and Group can write), but I see no change to the above issue list. Folder permissions remain at 775 (Owner, group and user can execute).

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Looks like you have an issue going on with the location of wordpress related to your domain name (root).

    Scan your site at Sucuri and you will see that such a scan finds both / and /home/ and then all the rest are at /home/ and an anomaly of location of:


    Consult your web host first on this issue and report back if they cannot help.

    I would also ask the host to reset any file permissions. Both WordPress and most good hosts know well how to handle that in 2017 (without user intervention).

    Regarding the / versus /home/, my WordPress site is installed in /home/. I have a script at /index.php with content:

    define('WP_USE_THEMES', true);
    define('WP_IN_ROOTDIR', true);

    I’ve had this in place for a long time (years) without any issues. But perhaps something has changed where this would cause a problem?

    I’m not clear on what Sucuri is indicating by listing the one script file.

    Please review current:

    Do you have a site at root not WP related and then the WP site in a folder named home?

    There should not be a site at root (there are assorted files, but no conflicting files that I know of).

    But, I see that there is a problem because going to delivers old home page content, while delivers the current home page content. Some sort of a conflicting cache?

    I should add that my site is hosted on Yahoo Small Business. The Codex page that you link to apparently cannot work on Yahoo-hosted pages, because (from what I have read) they do not allow .htaccess files. There is a “blog manager” tool on their site-hosting tool where you specify your blog site home directory.

    I think I’ve discovered that the root cause is that Yahoo hosting is junk, and they are so far behind in PHP installs that the latest versions of WordPress fail badly. I think a recent WordPress update (which is allowed apparently despite lack of compatibility) got my site in an unworkable state.

    Yahoo hosting discussion:

    Please review how this topic is not about WP but your chosen host:

    .org does not host sites…

    Start making sure it’s real:

    (Also review how to use a browser to get results not most viewed, but current.)

    Marking resolved. As noted previously, root cause was host not maintaining proper back-end services; WP will update even if a needed back-end service is out-of-date.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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