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  • but once it’s setup it works quite well. remove 1 star because of too many confusing options and bad UI. remove another star because the premium plugins are just a little too expensive. $49 each. If you need 3 it gets pricey fast. should be $29 or $39 in my opinion.

    {UPDATE} – I’m updating my rating to 2 stars because I keep running into problems with this plugin. Today I was trying to alter the default styling (which is pretty bad) to alter the h1 tag of a single listing, but it was impossible with CSS because they have put no class selectors in the body and the only selector they put in is for the body of the listing, too late to select the title.

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    Hi Dwenaus,

    Sorry that the options felt confusing. The problem with having a flexible plugin is that there are a number of options we have to make available to have it do what everyone wants.

    What defaults were not optimal? If you could provide more detail, perhaps we can make that easier.

    in addition the widget is very weak. no options for images. Your Classified plugin is much better than this plugin. It’s a bit of a disappointment.

    Also your image uploader is not wordpress, it’s totally custom. very strange.

    The defaults having to do with design are very poor. please hire a graphic designer 😉

    an example: the modern tribe event calendar. you install it and it looks fantastic right out of the box.

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    Thanks for the feedback–I’m still not clear on what you feel is missing though. What defaults would be better than the ones we provide?

    We can do better with the widgets by adding support for images, and we’ll do that.

    The image uploader is intentionally not like the media library because the images are not managed in the same way. The media library allows shared images and listings are not designed to do that–if a listing goes away, we delete the associated images. The Media Library doesn’t support that use case very well.

    The layout of the plugin is always customizable by CSS and template changes. Here is an article about how to use custom CSS with Business Directory in a way that doesn’t get overwritten on upgrade of BD:

    We have a template system planned for this year with some “standard” themes for the plugin that will greatly improve the look and feel, so I hope that will address your concern there.

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    Hi Dwenaus,

    I went to check the demo and we don’t actually use h1 tags in our listing (I checked the main directory page, the category page, and the single listing views on our demo–, or here: for a single entry in the directory) The h1 is inserted per your theme, so we would not be in control of the class selector for it, unfortunately.

    I’m sorry that you’re having trouble styling that, but since we can’t control the class output due to your theme, there’s little we can do to fix that issue based on what you describe above.

    The title of an individual listing is actually a div with a nested span, as the following HTML shows, and you can see a class selector on the outer div, making it relatively easy to style with the proper CSS:

    <div class="field-value wpbdp-field-name title "><label>Name:</label> <span class="value"><a href="" >Kroger</a></span></div>

    Sorry, I meant H2. The point is that you don’t provide enough selectors to select it. not in the body, not in the page. VERY DIFFICULT PLUGIN TO WORK WITH!!! And I’m a very experienced PHP plugin developer.

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