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  • I wish I could give this plugin a better review, because when it works it does work well. It just never seems to work when I absolutely need it to.

    The first and probably most annoying issue feels like a bait and switch system of licensing. It looks like they may have received other feedback similar to this, because they now have an “all add-ons included” bundle, however when I purchased this they did not. It was $100 per plugin. So I bought them both, thinking it’d be a worthwhile investment.

    Everything exports just fine. It’s when you get to the import you realize that something was exported that now needs an add-on plugin, which of course is an additional fee. Why is it exporting content I can’t import in the first place? I would like the plugins I paid for to work as advertised. Export, then import. I shouldn’t have to go looking for things that need to be turned off or disabled during a default export to ensure the import will then work.

    All of the rather ridiculously high price tags aside, there’s also the issue that it only seems to work in very specific server setups. I have attempted to use the importer on a variety of client sites where it sits and does nothing. The timer ticks away, and no posts are ever imported.

    This plugin costs more than Windows 10. I can spend half as much and launch a browser to view the world wide web, write and send emails to my family and friends, edit videos from my last vacation, while simultaneously running state of the art games… or I can spend twice as much and export 20 posts that the importer won’t let me import until I spend more money on yet another add-on.

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