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  • Reasons I immediately disabled this plugin:

    1. Creates an two entirely new menus to the left navigation area, which is absolutely unnecessary for such a simple feature addition. Particularly the YITH menu item shouldn’t be added, but even the Size Charts item should just be a sub-menu of Woocommerce.
    2. Adds advertisements to the plugin’s settings page, but even worse it adds 7 CSS files that load on every page of wp-admin.
    3. Wasn’t exactly intuitive. I don’t believe it should be necessary to read lengthy (and confusing – seems to imply you need a license key) documentation to utilize something like this.
    4. Adds an entirely new CSS file just for this plugin. And, it adds it whether you use the size chart on a product or not. And it adds it to all pages, not just Woocommerce product pages. Your entire site’s performance shouldn’t have to suffer just because you want a size chart somewhere on a product page. 🙁

    My rating is based on losing 1 star for each of the above issues.

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  • Plugin Author YITHEMES


    Dear Clicknathan,
    I’m so sorry you are not happy with this plugin. I can answer your reactions one by one.
    1. The new menus are created to allow any possible future improvement of the plugin.
    2. I would not properly call the features of the premium version “advertisements” (we have added them there because many users regularly ask us about additional features which have already been included in the premium version of the plugin). However, we are sorry if you perceived them as just ad, our intention is not to spam your website at all.
    3. About the documentation, the page concerning the free version is a short one and made essentially of screenshots, maybe have you read the part concerning the premium version? Let us know (in the support page of this page if you are still experiencing issues with it.
    4. Also for the css files, they are very small files and you should know well that they do not weigh the website down; rather, they add simple rules to let the plugin adapt to different themes and prevent showing css issues that should be fixed then on every user’s website. If you need them to be removed for any specific reason, you might have asked me in support page (there I would have seen your comment sooner) or if you still are using it you can create a new thread and I’ll be happy to help you do that (

    Best Regards

    Hi YIThemes and thanks for the response.

    As some friendly feedback, I would just note:

    1. Creating a new menu item is not necessary, and even if it was in future, it’s easy enough to change that down the road. But if every plugin added a new menu item, for minor functionality, the nav bar would be filled up in an instant. This is an addition to Woocommerce, and should live within that navigation menu.

    4. It doesn’t matter how small a CSS File is, each one that you add has some impact on the site’s performance.

    I do appreciate the response here, though, and hope you take my notes as constructive criticism.

    Have a great day!

    Plugin Author YITHEMES


    We really appreciate your suggestions and your constructive criticism and we want to be as clear as we can about plugin features and its efficiency. We will work on improving the product and will take your suggestions into account.

    Just one remark about your review: if it just aimed to be constructive criticism, I wouldn’t have never given a 1-star rating, because it stands for a totally useless plugin and not for a plugin that needs to be improved. So, if you want to change your review rating, I will sincerely appreciate this! 😉

    For what concerns the changes you needed, I invite you once again to write in our support page (, give me details and I’ll be happy to help you do that.

    Kindly yours,

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