• Some disagreeable things I discovered and then checked out in their support forums. Often the response was that it was intended to look like that (why would you put the ticketing information ABOVE the event registration?!) or they gave no option to change it.

    • Can’t alter the personal questions (not all events need address info!)
    • Registration links resulted in 403 messages. Turns out that many servers won’t allow this plugin to work without turning off mod_security. This makes me anxious to even think about using this plugin.
    • No calendar built-in from the get-go. That’s basic
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  • Hi, here is feedback on your comments:

    1) By default, Event Espresso needs a name and an email to process a registration. The address question group is optional and can be unchecked through the event editor:


    Be sure to save changes to the event via the event editor after unchecking it.

    Creating new questions and question groups is available in the regular version of Event Espresso 4.

    2) The 403 message was being triggered by base64 encoding in the ticket selector. We’ve removed the use of that approach with Event Espresso 4.4.9.x and above.

    3) The Event Espresso 4 decaf plugin does not include a calendar. An events calendar add-on is available from our store.

    Thanks and enjoy your week!

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