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  • I’m on Godaddy and recently imported a blog, they just contacted me and said I have too many files in the wordpress upload directories, I’m not allowed over 1024 files in any directory on Godaddy apparently. I don’t know what to do, is there some way to divide uploads into multiple directories or something? Godaddy gave me 2 days to fix this or they’re just going to delete everything!

    4011 files

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  • Hi,

    Do you really have 4011 images or other uploads in one single month?
    Otherwise backup that month folder and make it empty on the server and then start studying what files are in that month folder backup.

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    They immediately changed my permissions on the directory, I can’t even read the directories anymore which doesn’t make much sense because I can’t delete any files which is what they asked me to do, and more importantly I can’t even see what the files are.

    Anyway I’ve asked godaddy support to at least tell me what the files are, but yes I suspect they are all images.

    Godaddy recommends I upgrade to a dedicated server or ask for support on wordpress about splitting the files into different folders when the 1024 limit is reached. Is there a way to do this, or a plugin or something that can help?

    Any help is greatly appreciated, cheers!

    If these are all images in wp-content/uploads and you do not have selcted under Dashboard/Media the choice “Store uploads in folders based on month/year” you can select that for the future (if you server lets WordPress create thes folders).

    But for the present: 4011 images is more than 100 images per day attached to posts or as galleries? You really attached that many?

    At least ask them to give you reading rights over FTP or your hosts Admin panel to have a look what is in there.

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    thanks for the help, i was able to look in the directories and see that wordpress automatically creates 3 versions of every image (thumbnail/medium/large) so there are 3 times as many images as we actually have. i found that by setting thumbnail/medium/large sizes to 0x0 in wordpress options those image sizes aren’t automatically created. i also found a plugin that lets you organize images folders further into years, months, and days so that will solve the problem going forward.


    Good to hear. I took out medium because I only use the other two sizes.

    dlawton, what plugin do you recommend?

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