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  • bigblued

    Wordpress 4.8
    Woocommerce 3.1.1
    Problem happens in Chrome and Firefox
    All plugins (except woocommerce) deactivated.

    When I want to create a new product on my woocommerce store, the easiest way is to duplicate an existing product. This way all the color options and everything else is already there, I just have to swap out names and pictures. In the past, when I hit Duplicate under and product, it would take me to a page where I could edit the new (duplicate) product.

    A while ago, it would sometimes take me to the edit page. But other times it would take me back to the products page, where I could see the duplicate listing. No problem, I would just click on the duplicate listing to edit it.

    Then it started making more than one duplicate. Just a few, easy to delete. But it has been getting worse over time.

    A couple weeks ago, when I tried to add new product, the browser spun for a very long time. I finally got tired of waiting, hit the x to stop it and refreshed the page. There was almost a whole page of duplicates. In addition, they have become difficult to delete, and I get and Error Moving to Trash message.

    Today I tried again, and let it spin while I went to do something else. When I came back over half an hour later, it was still spinning. I refreshed (long wait) and it had over 40 duplicates. I tried again, killing it after a count of 10 to see if duration made a difference, and it made 23 dupes.

    And the duplicates are a major pain to delete. It takes multiple tries (with the Error Moving to Trash) for each one to finally remove it.

    In addition to the excessive duplicates, it now takes forever to load my products page. Every other page on the back-end is fast, just the products page is slow.

    Any direction or help would be fantastic. I’m at the point where I can no longer feasibly add product to our site. Thanks!

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  • Hi!

    I am faceing the same problem. Did you solve it?



    No-ish? I have a theory about it though.

    I talked to my host (godaddy) about the problem, and they insisted it had to be something on my end, probably a plugin. I have since learned that’s their usual cop-out, they pass the buck right back to you. But at the time, I took them at their word. I turned off all my plug-ins and turned them back on one at a time to see if I could isolate the problem.

    This did result in the removal of a bunch of plugins I had played with, but was no longer using, so my site was better for it. But it didn’t solve the problem.

    Over time, I learned more about how to speed up your site. Mine was godawful slow, so I did all the things the various blogs suggested to speed it up. In the meantime, I learned about web site speed tests and how to read a waterfall chart. Things got better as I worked on it, but there was one thing I couldn’t control, and that was my time to first byte.

    TTFB is how fast the server responds. Google says average Time to First Byte is 100-500ms. On a fast day, mine was 4-6 seconds, but it was often 13-16 seconds.

    I know correlation is not necessarily causation, but the slower my TTFB, the worse the duplicate problem was. In fact, it got so bad it stopped making duplicates altogether, and I would get inactivity timeout errors instead. I developed a theory.

    Now someone else reading this later may laugh at my bad understanding of how things work, and will explain why this theory is totally impossible. Please do. I will be happy to learn more. But for now, I am not a programmer, just an artist who needs a web site to sell stuff, and I’m doing what I can.

    So here’s my theory. When I hit duplicate, my computer is telling godaddy’s computer to go into my product database and copy a product. Godaddy’s computer then says to my computer, “I got your request, BRB”. Godaddy’s computer then makes a duplicate in my database, and lets my computer know it’s done.

    When my TTFB was long, godaddy’s computer was busy, and wouldn’t take the time to let my computer know it got the request. So my computer would keep asking over and over until godaddy’s computer would finally say “oh yeah, got your 30 requests, here you go.” When it was really bad, godaddy’s computer would be so overwhelmed it would say “I can’t even right now” and that’s when I would get an inactivity timeout.

    Any call to godaddy was pointless. They would say all was fine on their end, must be one of my plugings. So I learned to workaround it. If my waterfall said TTFB was long, I wouldn’t work on the site. I’d wait for a time when the TTFB was only in the 4-6 second range.

    If it was doing the too many duplicate thing, I learned I could kill the process early by hitting stop on my browser. If I did it right, I might get only 3-4 duplicates instead of 24-30. I stopped throwing out the duplicates, which was it’s own nightmare. Instead, I planned on adding multiple products based on the one I was duplicating at that moment. If I didn’t use them all, I left them there for future use.

    But things got worse. As I said earlier, my TTFB kept getting longer and longer. It got to the point the site itself (not just my backend) would get a timeout error. I had made up my mind that we were not going to wait for our contract to expire to jump to a new host. The problem was clearly on godaddy’s end, and they were not going to do anything about it. I was just waiting until February, our slow month, so I would have time to deal with moving the site.

    And then magically, about 2 weeks ago, my site is suddenly lightning fast. My TTFB today is 165ms. It’s never been in the millisecond range. Never. My backend runs smooth. I don’t get duplicates anymore. I haven’t called godaddy to ask, but I’m guessing they either moved my site to a new machine, or fixed whatever was wrong with the one I was on.

    So sadly, no, I didn’t solve the problem, the problem “magically” solved itself. As far as I can tell the problem was on the hosting side, and godaddy would never admit there was a problem.


    You know Deb, I think you are very close to the truth.

    Shared host are often good for a big number of peoples but we get the support for what we pay for, almost none.

    I’ve seen other things similar to what you are explaining above so I think you have a point.

    The plugin-answer from the host is probably a good thing to check but if it not helps we are on our own.

    Thanks for explaining/helping! Cheers!

    A few weeks ago, I had a problem with godady.

    Every time I clicked on my WP Admin or front end and my pages responded with several errors.

    503 errors, bad gateway, proxy, exceeded response time, etc.
    After tolerating this for several days, and being very sure that it was the shared hosting, I decided to contact the provider (Godaddy).

    Call Customer Service,
    Normally, when you call in Spanish, the waiting time is 7 minutes maximum.
    When the automated operator informs me that the time is over 40 minutes, and that there were unusual delays … my conviction about the failure of the hosting became more specific.

    But, in explaining my case, the operator of GoDaddy for 40 minutes, I try to sell a plan for superior to what I currently have.

    He wanted to convince me that having hosted 12 domains, that slowed down the hosting.

    When I explained that in CPanel, the statistics of

    CPU Usage 8/100
    Memory Usage 289.3 / 2,048
    Entry Processes 4/150
    Number of Processes 24/100

    They remain the same during the last months.
    And that those values ​​on average are always the same every time I check these values, even when the hosting throws the failures.

    The operator ….. did not know what to answer, had no argument, and told me that the problem could be in some Plugin ….

    I did not make any changes, I started watching a movie by netflix, I went to sleep, the next day … everything was correct.

    Conclusion, the problem was the hosting, but they do not assume for a marketing question.

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