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  • We were forced to switch to this plugin due to the other popular PayPal plugin losing support for WooCommerce, etc. Well, I really wish this plugin worked as well as the old one it replaced. We had zero problems with that plugin for several years, but this plugin has been a disaster of bugs. I’ve posted in plugin support several times and had long chats with PayPal merchant support. PayPal claims that the plugin is causing the issues while the plugin author is blaming PayPal. All I know is that the old plugin worked perfectly and this one only works 70% of the time which is very bad for a live business’ website. To top it off, the plugin author is no longer responding to my support messages which puts me in a pretty bad spot. Pretty terrible…

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  • Plugin Support Inpsyde Niklas


    Hi there,

    Thanks for providing feedback.

    The reported behavior with subscription payments works exactly as intended and outlined in the support thread. It may not be what you would expect or prefer to see, but this is how it works for the time being, as PayPal does not provide full “compatibility” between the old and new systems (to oversimplify it) so they can’t be used at the same time.

    And to be clear, nobody is “blaming” anyone here. We are trying to explain technical limitations in some of the latest PayPal features, which even the MTS may not be fully aware of the specific details and how it was implemented.
    PayPal Payments is one of the first integrations to take advantage of Vaulting features and has to implement custom logic to handle subscriptions use cases.

    The documentation explains it here and will be updated accordingly if anything changes in this regard.

    Kind regards,

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