• nishkam


    I would not recommend anybody to use this plugin.

    After installing this plugin I found that there are many issues, for instance:

    The “post a job” page which this plugin displays on a users buddypress profile does not display dropdown fields, such as the category drop-down, and instead just displays a long list (which looks horrible) so it will not let you select more than one category, even if you have enabled multiple-select for that field. When I raised a support ticket through the forum, they replied 6 months later and advised this was a problem with the theme I was using, OceanWP, which is one of the most common themes used, especially for Buddypress.

    Another developer who was the author of another plugin I was using tried to fix this issue and he confirmed the problem was with WP-job-manager. He fixed the issue on my website but also advised the BP-job-manager author of where the fault was coming from so they could fix the plugin itself but there was no response, even after several months.

    The second issue is that it does not work with “WP-job-manager applications” extension, which is an official “WP-job-manager” plugin, and disables the application column on the job dashboard completely.

    Thirdly, it also does not work with the official WP-job-manager “alerts” extension and when you try to set an alert from the BP profile it does not submit nor register it.

    There are also many other smaller issues which I suppose will not be fixed any time soon. Although the concept of this plugin is good, it will break your site and is not supported. I decided to uninstall and just use the default WP-job-manager pages instead. This will save you a lot of time and headache.

    Do not waste your time with this plugin.

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