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  • I got an alert to upgrade my WordPress installation to version 3.4.2.

    I went into the “back up your database and files”-> Automated Solutions ->List of Backup Plugins.

    I can tell you, it’s been literally 2 hours of hell for me to decide on which backup option to use…and to be convinced that my present option is working properly.

    I chose WP2Cloud based on the ratings given and am literally tearing out my hair.

    When you go to the different links takes you to another and then another and then another set of vendors…I am finally at “AMI for Yapixx: WordPress for S3”, while already setting up Amazon S3 and have had to sign up for Amazon Unified Services to get a free trial of S3 for 1 year.

    Could WordPress please make the backup process easier, by just giving us a link to automatically backup our entire WordPress site -including themes, DB, content, files?

    This is very necessary for beginning users, because I can tell you, after going through this, I’m very tempted to stay with my old blogging platform vs migrating to WordPress!

    Thank you.

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  • The easiest way back your your wordpress is your host account if you using Cpanel then there is backup wizard icon there you can backup what ever you want from there.

    Hi, gillipoo —

    The “list of backup plugins” is not a curated list, but rather an index of any and all plugins that have been created to fill this need. AFAIK, any software developer who makes available a plugin that uses the word “backup” is included in the search results with which you were presented?

    Have you checked out the official documentation on WordPress backups?


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