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    On this category page, 2 Amazon ads attempt to appear under every teaser, often overwriting the teaser in the process. http://treelight.com/category/health/nutrition/

    I got the code for the ad on Amazon, and put it Block 1. The settings are:
    ON: On all POSTS.

    The settings to the right of those choices are all OFF:
    Home Page, Category pages, Search pages, Tag/Archive pages.

    I’d love to have it ON for category pages, but since every teaser is regarded as a “post”, that choice just makes the problem more acute.

    I love the ads that Amazon is giving me, and I love being able to insert
    them automatically, but this bug is killing my site!


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    Remote debugging doesn’t seem to be enabled:

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    Are you still having problems?

    We can help you but need remote debugging enabled.

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    Thanks for your help!

    Remote debugging is now enabled.

    P.S The instructions to enable Remote debugging are missing a step.
    The “how to ask for help” page should read:
    1. Enable Remote debugging:
    Ad Inserter Settings > Gear Icon > Debugging Tab

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    Your category page shows post excerpts and for each post the_content hook is called which inserts ads on post as configured (after content) and since you have also enabled Category pages for this code block they show for each post.

    Now I’m not sure what you would like to show on category pages.

    You can either disable code block 1 for category pages, limit insertions for this code block to 1 or something (button Misc) or something else.

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    Yes. I would like the ads to appear on category pages — at the bottom of the page, after all the teasers.

    That’s why I turned it on for category pages, initially. (Then I started messing about, trying to figure out what the options on the right had to do with the options on the left — but apparently they have nothing to do with one another, so there really should be a vertical divider between them.

    Anyway, turning them on for category pages had the entirely unexpected consequence making them appear after each post-teaser. But that can NEVER be a good idea, so there is no point in having a category-page option, at all.

    Because right now the choices are no ads on a category page, or dozens of ads all over the page, messing up the display. Of the two, I prefer the former. But it would be nice to have a single set of ads at the bottom of the page!

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    You can’t use the same code block used after post content also on category pages.
    You would need to configure another block with different settings.

    Unfortunately, your category page layout does not provide position for automatic insertion at the bottom of page.

    The solution would be to modify theme file for category pages and insert PHP function call at the bottom.

    Even better idea would be to create a child theme with this modification.

    If you are not familiar with WordPress and PHP you can ask some developer to make this for you.

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